Recipe Kamom Krok, ขนมครก by Kaimu662










Kamom Krok,Kind of ancient Thai sweetmeat made from flour,sugar and coconut milk and then pour it on the stove hole .this below are   ingredients:

    For cake

1. Rice flour                1  kg.
2. Coconut milk   1 1/2  liters
3. Water                      1  liter
4. Corn flour                1  bowl
5. Steamed rice        2  bowls
6. Sugar                      1  bowl
7. Salt                          3  tea spoons
8. Roasted coconut   2  bowls

For dressing
1. Coconut milk           2  bowls
2. Salt                           2  tea spoons
3. Chinese Chives, pumpkin, taro, corn

1. First, boil water.
2. Mix the ingredients from 1, 2 and 4 together.
3. Add water into the mixture number 2.
4. Grind the streamed rice and roasted coconut then add them
into the mixture number 3.
5. Add sugar, salt and leave it
6. Put the rice pan on the medium heat cover its holes with
little oil
7. Put the mixture into each hole of pan, dress it up with the
dressing you like before it done.


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