Landscapes Fine Art SE Asia jackie littletaylor

cabin on the coast weather waves impression

cabin on the coast weather waves impression

My Fine Art represents my love of color and the dramatic.  I live in Thailand along the coast of the Andaman Sea. These are some of my favorite landscape/seascape. Late in the evening and storms is what I love to add the energy.


man on the point Kata Beach Red Roof Cottage on Kata Bay Isles Of Sicily B/W abandon ship Kata Beach looking North she sunbathing Kata Beach Kata Beach looking North Kata Beach toward Kata Noi Taking off Man and his umbrella on the beach wading in the water umbrella Kata Beach North end and Pu Island Pink Bathing suit on Kata Noi Beach 16x9 Isles Of Sicily B/W Taking off 16x9 Ya Nui Beach from WindFarm 16x9 abandon ship B/W resort cottages Ya Nui Beach 4 trawlers Ya Nui beach


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