Coconut Bar and Restaurant is a small bar and restaurant off Rawai Bay.  There is a balcony that opens at 4pm.  The view from the balcony not much better to see the water.  Trees block the view across the road. 

The service is friendly and food was good.  Nice selection of Thai and western dishes.   

Menu  partial selection 

Nice bar with good beer,  wine.  Cocktails.  Happy hour 

Balcony opens 4pm 

The one negative I have is it is off a very busy road.  Lot of road noise. 

Contact info and hours 

Hours 8am to 10pm

Phone 0878931180 


57/13 moo6 Viset Road Rawai Phuket Thailand 

MAP click for Google map 

Have you been here? Love to hear of your experiences.  

I want to thank my friend Jim King for introducing me to this restaurant.   Jim is a writer with several books published on Thailand.  Also an excellent fine art photographer.   

He also has a blog where you can see his art and writing.. 

On the weekends I cook breakfast. 

 Mixture of Thai and American.   

My favorite dipping sauce  is Maepranom Dipping Sauce 


What is your favorite breakfast?

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Had a good friend Jim King ask me to join him.  I had never been to this nice out of the way bar restaurant.  

Paradise beach bar and restaurant is located Rawai Phuket Thailand.  There is another paradise beach bar located Patong beach.  So if searching for the place I am talking about don’t get confused if searching Google. 

The staff is friendly and prices low.  But what I like the most is the view of Rawai Bay.  And the bar sits right off the water.  It is, also far enough of the road to not have street noise. 

View from the restaurant. 

Nice selection of food.  Beer selection is OK.  They have mixed drinks.  


We recommend this place if looking for a quite place,  excellent view especially in the evening.  Food selection limited.  


11am to 10pm  7 days a week. 


Click here to go to Google maps

I want to think Jim King for showing this place.  

James King of 

Today starts a new chapter in my life.  It follows the darkest thirty days of my 67 years on my journey of life.  

This morning I am on auto pilot.  Inside I am empty, hollow.  I did what I always do on Monday morning,  get my kids off to school.  

This morning will change my routine.  Having my milk tea and reflection on my life and where I go.  How to try save what is left of me.  

After listening to the birds and trying to make sence of who I am will get to cleaning the home. The home I use to love but now the grief of the one person that completed me is not here.

Loss of you Gai 

More than I can bear. 

Loss of your smile

More than I can bear. 

Loss of your touch

Is more than I can bear

Loss of your kiss

Is more than I can bear

Loss of your voice 

Is more than I can bear

Loss of your kindness 

Is more than I can bear 

Loss of your grace 

Is more than I can bear 

Loss of your Love 

I can not bear 

This was Jimmy Lighthouse and after it closed was bought and reopened by Dickies Lighthouse.  It is not actual a lighthouse but a beacon.  Open in 1988 by an American Jim Pearson.  It is a well known landmark. The new owner reopened the lighthouse over a year ago and has done some improvements and kept the charm.  

I have eaten here many times over the years but this week first time under the new owner and was pleased with the service, food,  and atmosphere. 

I had a club sandwich that comes with fries and had a coke.  Service was friendly and good.  My bill was 210 baht or $6 US  

Sample of the menu  they have Thai and western 

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Bar has great selection 

Many large screen TV to watch sports

Free WiFi and also a pool table. 

In addition  to the restaurant and bar they have 5 rooms to rent with a view of Chalong Bay.  For prices and photos check out their web site.  

Dickies  Lighthouse website 

Location and map

Located Chalong Bay on Phuket Island Thailand.  

Click here for larger map 

Contact info

Dickies Lighthouse Bar & Restaurant 
45/33 Moo 9, 
Phuket, Thailand 83130 
Phone: 076383045 Email : 
Web :

It is after Christmas and I still turn on my Christmas Tree lights on at night.  I think my kids like it and I do also.  

I will take down our little tree next week? But will be with sadness. 

No just kidding not our tree but this one below

The longest was several years ago in the US.  Just my son Sam and me.  It was a live tree or was when we brought it home.  Was April before I took it down.  Yes April and still had some green

A great place for family and an excellent bargain. I was there Christmas Eve with a friend and my kids.  I will do a full review this week but want to share now if you are a family on Phuket Thailand for the holidays. 

Open 7 days a week 9am to 9pm

There is a restaurant,  playground, nursery and more.  Later this week will do a full review with lot of photos.  My kids loved it.  They are 4 and 7.

Map and click here for a larger map

Their website

Kathu Waterfall is small some might say just a small stream flowing over some rocks.  Would still be a nice place to visit in the evening if in the area.  

There is some parking and a small convince store at the entrance. 

At the entrance you can go to the right across a bridge that is over a stream.  Or you can follow a path that starts next to the small store  that actual goes to the Waterfall. There was very little water flow the day I was there but maybe during heavy rains could be more to see. 

Next to the small store follow the path, just a very short walk.  

Map click here for larger map

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