With a Thai friend and she stopped here for us to have lunch. I have never been here.

In Phuket Town Thailand. They have 4 places but as I have only been here will restrict by review to this one branch.

Has car parking. Easy access and good service and nice atmosphere.

Established in 1946 and is “famous ” for their Hokkien fried noodles. I did not have that dish so can not comment.

I has my usual sweet and sour over steam rice which was ok.

Some of the menu selections

Inside nice and open to the outside.

Open everyday 10 am to 20:30

Phone 076211522

Map and click to go to Google map.

My review is nice place good prices and service. Food ok. But I would not make a special trip here. Hungry in the area stop.

This morning after heavy rains checking my flowers. At first thought some dead leaves but then took a closer look.

Anyone know the name. Hasn’t moved in an hour!

Been Away

Been away for awhile.

Divorce with my Thai wife and custody of our children.

I did get total custody of them.

They will have a better chance in the future with me. Their mother and i will stay friends and I will allow her to see them often.

9 months process.

Will start writing again. Busy with the kids to help them adjust being back home. Both of them told the court they wanted to be with me.

Going to focus on promoting my art.

Jackie Littletaylor SE Asia Fine Art.

Updated my prices and now can ship the world

Child Rescue Center Zoe International

ZOE grand opening of the child Rescue Center . Please share and if possible support.


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