The Nine Station

The Nine Station Beer Garden is located Chalong Phuket Thailand and was The Nine Lounge Bar & Restaurant.

Now more informal but still good food and unique experience with a sauna (steam room) and jacuzzi with lovely patio and garden behind the restaurant!  We recommend! New hours 4:30pm to 1am

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Working with new Adobe apps for phone. Adobe fix, Adobe mix and Adobe Mobile Lightroom. . Orchids from my home in Phuket Thailand 

Can see more of my fine art from SE. Asia. At jackie Littletaylor photography 

I have started another blog but will continue with Life SE Asia.  My new blog will be more politics as that is what drives governments.  

Humanity Conservation vs Ignorance 

I hope you take a look. Just started so a process in work. If you have something to say you are welcome to join me.  

My Experience with Refugees

The Truth about Serge Benhayon

In most German villages and suburbs, we have houses where refugees live. In 2015, one million refugees came to Germany and in 2016, seven hundred and fifty thousand arrived here (1). I had not been in contact with any refugees before and didn’t know many other people who were, except one colleague at work, who shared with me that she supports a family to go to process their residency applications with the authorities and to go to the doctors.

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Time of year: Late October 2016

Purpose of trip: As part of our round the world trip, we were determined to see Halong Bay. In reality, that is best done by an overnight junk cruise.

p1010751Why we chose this place: Halong Bay is unlike anything else, with thousands of limestone mountains rising from the sea. This provides a stunning backdrop and a chance to view the unique lifestyles of the fishermen and their families who spend their entire life on the sea.

We chose the Dragon Legend II (operated by Indochine Junk), because it had great Tripadvisor reviews and it’s a large (therefore sociable) and luxurious (which we felt we needed at this stage in our trip) boat.

How long we stayed: We organised an extended trip with Indochine Junk which included an airport pickup, a night in the lovely Hanoi Pearl hotel, transport down to Halong and…

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All of these places I frequent often for take out or buy fresh fruit. All are close together and in Chalong, 4 are close to Chalong traffic circle. 

The first one is very small and most customers are Thai. 

They have papaya salad and the fish is always fresh. I have bought fish at other street vendors where they sold me old fish. Not here, always fresh.

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I have a map the end of the post. I don’t know the English name of the business. Located on Soi Tanutep which runs between Choafa West and Choafa East.

Next is Nungs which you can sit down for a meal. I did a review so can learn more there Nungs Restaurant.

Ao Chalong 59

Ao Chalong is a restaurant and bar off Chalong Bay. Great food and has take out. To learn more can read our review. AO Chalong

Chalong Market

It is across the street from Chalong police station. Depending on the day can be lots of food vendors or just a few. Also other shops there for clothing

Fresh fruit

Small fruit stand across the street of Chalong Market. Small vendor but good prices and I have always helped me pick ripe fruit.

Map click here for larger map

Every wonder about vaccines required planning on a trip? Basic travel information and checklist. Also can store your travel documents. 

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