Chao Samran Beach is in Tambon Had Chao Samran. District Phetchaburi in Phetchaburi Province Thailand, Located about 15 kilometers from the town of Phetchaburi. The beach has a calm atmosphere. With a cool breeze onsite stores, convenience stores. Restaurants nearby Can swim and the nearby fishing village. This beach sand was blowing, filling up more and more. So there is a lot of clean sand on the beach. Here is a tourist does not have to go very far and a very beautiful one.


Legend has it that King Naresuan came here Along with King Ekathosarot his brother, they are like too much in the beauty of this beach. They stayed for several days, so till  the locals call this beach is Had Chao Samran. Chao Samran Beach has been very popular in the reign of King Rama 6, a famous beach than other beaches in those days. The king was ordered to create a camp called “Khai Luang Bang Talu” same the district, And has the Palace on the beach is called “Had Chao Samran Palace” Later he has changed its name to District Chao Samran Beach.  Later he moved his palace to the point where it is Mrigadayavan Palace at present, because Chao Samran beach have lots flies because the palace is located near the fishing village makes the Apostolic Palace with lots flies and he overheard a vassal in his complaint that “King happy (Chao Samran) but courtiers tired” and the beach, this fresh water scarcity. so please have finally moved on.

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Our dinner at Had Chao Samran Beach by ‘Kruor Phen Roong” restaurant near the beach. The prices as in the menu, no charge, the value for money. By the way he say “The municipality has to control the quality of each shops for not to the occurrence of complaints from tourists and to impress visitors to come back here again.”

Crab Omelette 80 Baht, green papaya salad 30 Baht, glass noodle spicy salad 100 Baht, Shrimps spicy salad 100 Baht, steamed fish with lemon 280 Baht, rice 40 – 50 Baht, ice 40 Baht, clean water 20 Baht/bottle, rent mat 20 Baht/mat, so its all I pay 730 Baht, not expensive prices.


Map of Had Chao Samran Beach in Phetchaburi Thailand.

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Thum Khao Luang Cave is in Muang district in Petchaburi Thailand. About 5 km away from Khao Wang Palace. Located in Khao Luang Hill with a height of 92 meters. Inside the cave is beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. The highlight of this is the Solar that emit into the cave. Open daily from 08.00-17.00 hrs. The stairs for walk up and down to the cave is concrete.  The surrounding area has many monkeys live in groups. With the hot weather Some monkeys were playing happily in the pool. Some monkeys were dismantled roof Buildings littered. Vendors who sell food [fruits] said, here are six masses monkeys. Herd on hill not to come here. If visitors can buy food to the monkeys. Her suggested that to take to the monkeys  masses on the hill also.

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King RAMA 4 which he has sight of the beauty of Khao Luang Cave area, so ordered, let’s build concrete stairs approximately 10 meters. Later, the demolition rebuilt in the reign of the fifth. King RAMA 5 was ordered to create Buddha to give a royal charity dear father, King Rama 4 had came here and like this cave too much. Buddha this rebuilding There is one figure that’s him like to seal the 1-5 reigns at the base, also many the restoration of the ancient Buddha in this cave too. King RAMA 5 say about this Khao Luang Cave  “There is a magnificent cave with stalagmites and stalactites across. The channels are wider at the sun into the rock. Causing a variety of colors inside. A hollow rock at the bay. The air is cool and damp. You can see the beauty inside every nook and cranny. ”


Luang Phor Toh is Buddha Statue in Cave’s Hall and another Buddha statues are all 170 Buddha Statues. Reclining Buddha 6 meters. and small and big pagodas in the cave’s hall. Inside the cave have the nuns for take care and cleaning. Tourists who come to pay homage to Luang Phor Toh by the water must hold back out of the cave for have no garbage in the cave.

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Map and click here for larger map

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The Filipino Wanderer

Considering from my most recent post, this must really come as a surprise.

Before any misconception is made, I am making myself clear on all fronts.

I am against the proliferation of drugs and illegal substances but I fully support the growth of the Laos tourism industry.

The drugs and the drunk tubing may have been gone, but the town of Vang Vieng remains as gorgeous as ever with its towering karsts hills. Floating down the river sober is still encouraged and there remains a host of activities waiting for your in Vang Vieng such as spelunking down its caves, and kayaking among others.

Vang Vieng needs tourists for its restaurants, travel agencies, tour operators, hotels and hostels to remain viable and survive. The recent policy changes, have discouraged a lot of would be tourists from visiting Vientiane and Vang Vieng, but I hope that this is just a short…

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Halong Bay Cruise and Hotel Blog - Paradise Vietnam

Always looking for ways in which we can stay ahead of the game, this year will see a complete renovation of our Luxury vessels, ensuring that Paradise Cruises is still providing the best cruises in Halong Bay.

ParadiseVietnam_Renovation (1)

The four Paradise Luxury cruise have always constituted the finest fleet in the Bay. Together the fleet offers a total of 68 cabins, with each vessel housing an elegant dining room, a relaxing onboard spa, and an incredible sundeck with wrap-around views. Earlier in the year we introduced themed royal evenings and traditional tea demonstrations to the delight of our guests, the popularity of the activities evident from the great luxury Halong Bay tour reviews.

But now we have taken the Luxury vessels a step further by refreshing the design concept. The cabins have been fitted with more comfortable beds making sure that everyone sleeps soundly when they cruise with us…

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Wat Sra Long-Ruea in Kanchanaburi Thailand. This The boat is Swan Boat of The world’s largest is in the big lake of the temple. The entrance for go to the Swan Boat is The Rahu Statue. Inside is the drawing about another star. The pathway is drawing about another aphorism. The top of the Swan Boat is the Relics and have the mural about the deities too. The exit is 3 headed elephant. The temple still have building the Somdet Phuthachan Tho Statue too.

Mungkorn [Dragon] Sawan Village or Lee-Jeang Village is in Suphanburi Thailand. Here is near the Shrine of God of the city of Suphanburi and The Dragon Descendants Museum.  The village sign have both stilts and plates large beside too. This village is mimicking about the buildings Chinese style. The building have 2 sides, face to face and have small ditch, corridor in the middle have the roof long throughout the village Inside the village have many shops, Restaurants, Souvenir shop, The Theater 4 D, Coffee shop, hotel etc. The front of the village have View Point Tower but today don’t for open, the front have 2 Monolithic carved made from Chong-U City from China, don’t touch. This area still have turbine baler and make good view for take the photos and make to forget about the hot weather too. See more :

map of Wat Sra Long-Ruea in Kanchanaburi

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