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Dong Van stone plateau is a rocky plateau spread over four districts of Quan Ba , Yen Minh, Dong Van , Meo Vac , Ha Giang province , Vietnam . October 3, 2010 , records ” Geoparks Dong Van Plateau ” has been Advisory Council Network Global Geoparks ( GGN ) of UNESCO officially recognized as a global geopark .  This is the only title in Vietnam and second in Southeast Asia .

The plateau karst areas adjacent to tropical north slope is quite large . Valleys , rivers , and streams more fragmented .

The area of Dong Van Plateau: 574.35 km ².

The average altitude of 1000-1600 m.

Many fossils of the species were found to be age ago, 400-600 million years ago. Dong Van Plateau is a rocky area with different age from Devonian to Permian, surrounded by the mountains land. Here comes the rain from April to September, but the lack of water in the dry season (from October to April ).

Currently region of Dong Van Plateau is home to about 250,000 people from 17 different ethnic minorities of Vietnam. From April 2010, the profile of Dong Van stone plateau filed UNESCO Global Geoparks. This is also a global geological park of Vietnam first.

Dong Van stone plateau be international appreciate fully the geological data on mineral resources environment. UNESCO particularly appreciate the cultural identity of the peoples living on the rocky plateau of Dong Van. This is a great feature of the Geopark Dong Van stone plateau in the system of global geological park. The Dong Van Plateau become the Global Geoparks is very significant for the ethnic Ha Giang province.

Dong Van Plateau is one of the special areas of limestone, containing typical mark on the history of the earth’s crust development, natural phenomena and landscapes unique aesthetic, biological diversity high and long-standing cultural traditions of indigenous communities.

Dong Van stone plateau with all elements converge to become the Global Geoparks: geological aspects of minerals, rich in natural resources; Cultural identity is also very unique and impressive culture of ethnic Hmong, The Lo Lo, Pu Peo, Knives . Plateau is also home to many scenic ruins countries have been recognized as: the Great Monuments of architecture, Lung Cu Flag Tower, Dong Van ancient town, Ma Pi Leng Pass, Mount Double Ba etc.

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