This morning after heavy rains checking my flowers. At first thought some dead leaves but then took a closer look.

Anyone know the name. Hasn’t moved in an hour!

Love the fragrance

Native to Asia

Text from Wikipedia
It originated in Asia and is most commonly found growing wild in Vietnam, Southern China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Myanmar, and India. With its shiny green leaves and heavily fragrant white summer flowers, it is widely used in gardens in warm temperate and subtropical climates, and as a houseplant in temperateregions. It has been in cultivation in China for at least a thousand years, and was introduced to English gardens in the mid 18th century. Many varieties have been bred for horticulture, with low growing, and large-and long-flowering forms.

Promthep Cape located southern tip Phuket Island Thailand is one of the must see on a trip to Phuket. It like other great places have lost some of the charm due to too many tourists especially the tour buses.

I first visited Promthep 2007. In the evening mostly Thais with a mixture on tourist.

As time goes more Chinese tour buses. In the parking lot not uncommon for over 20 tour buses.

Promthep Cape is the southern tip of Phuket Island. Some great sunsets. My favorites are during storms

Not a best time to avoid the tour buses. As they come early. But late in the evening they leave quickly.

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