Bang Pu Place is located at Sukhumvit Road in Samut-Prakhan Thailand. The time for the seagulls will to stay here around November to late April every year. This shoreline is a mangrove. If the water almost to dry will to see the mudskipper and crab big claws pretty well. Here have the shop sale the food for the birds , that foods are fried skin pig and fried skin chicken.  The birds so fly to hovering and enjoy for visitors too. I out from  Bang Pu Place for go to dinner. Here have a lot the restaurants will near the sea so nice view and beautiful evening atmosphere so up to you how you like.

Phrachun or Maeklong Naval Museum in Phra Samut Chedi at Samut-Prakan Thailand. Here is important in the history of Thailand, In the King Rama 5 Colonization of the West. King Rama 5 just want to built the artillery fort for here have 7 cylinder was completed in year 1893. King Rama 5 is for Remembrance of the battle and defense The Paknam Engagement , The Siam Crisis of 1893. The back of Royal Monument King Rama 5 is 7 artillery forts, have little walkway connected.

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Map of Samut – Prakhan and can click here for larger map

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Kata Beach looking south


Kata is on the west side of Phuket Island and is one of the most popular beautiful beach  with many resorts/hotels and activities

I have not come here often as it is on the west side of the island(main tourist areas).  I spent several days here with camera and checking out some of the places to eat.  Enjoyed myself and must say a very beautiful beach and even though  it was the rainy season, the water condition was perfect for swimmers.

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I have missed this beach even though I live in Phuket.  So many beaches around Phuket unless you just want to explore or happen to book a hotel on a holiday easy to overlook.  It is a small beach on the road leading to the beach is at a  dead end. You also pass a more well known beach and larger Kata Beach.

Kata Noi Beach North


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