Day 36: The cheapest way around Bangkok — RailTravel Station

As my hostel was near the Bangkok (Hua Lamphong) Railway Station, and I was meeting a friend in the city for dinner, I figured the fastest way to get to our meeting point was by none other than the railway itself. Of course, it turned out to be the cheapest way too. Price I paid […]

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In late 2012, I was researching for a fine-dining dinner in Bangkok with Katherine and Andrew, and came across this restaurant proclaiming to serve “Progressive Indian” cuisine. Intrigued, I made a reservation, knowing little how amazed I’ll be at the end of that evening’s culinary experience.

Menu bookThat restaurant was Gaggan. Fast forward to 2015, it is now N0.1 on San Pellegrino Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, and Top 10 on the World’s Best Restaurants; alongside illustrious names like El Celler de Can Roca of Girona, Spain; Rene Redzepi’s Noma in Copenhagen; Massimo Bottura’s Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy; and Daniel Humm and Will Guidara’s Eleven Madison Park in New York. It’s about time too, as Gaggan is one of the most exciting restaurants I’ve chanced upon in recent years.

At Gaggan with Chef OwnerChef Anand, extreme right.

Chef Gaggan Anand is a very talented man, and friendly too (he says Gaggan is the probably the…

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International Express: Bangkok to Hat Yai and Butterworth by Train

RailTravel Station

The International Express is a daily service to Hat Yai and Butterworth from Bangkok and vice versa. Departing from Bangkok, the train uses 6 to 8 second class sleeper coaches, 1 buffet coach and 1 first class cabin coach, with 2 of the second class sleepers continuing their journey to Butterworth.

Click here for the reverse journey.

The State Railway of Thailand recently updated the platforms with new electronic information screens providing additional information at each platform, a welcome addition.

The train crew readies the train for departure.

The buffet car is ready for you even before the train departs. You may choose to dine here or have your meal at your seat.

The chef makes preparations in the kitchen for lunch and dinner.

This is Khao Pad Rot Fai (ข้าวผัดรถไฟ), or Railway Fried Rice. The set costing 110 baht comes with a side soup and orange juice. This was also…

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Tucked away in a little soi off Langsuan, there stood a house which was converted into a Michelin-star Restaurant called Gaggan. For foodies who appreciates the art of scientific gastronomy and are willing to pay through the nose to experience such exquisite dining, the experience can be oh-so-divine. For the unfamiliar, Gaggan serves progressive Indian cuisine. Its recipes are simple but made elegant by exotic presentation and futuristic cooking techniques. We initially discovered this place by a sheer drive-by coincidence – and only because Silver Bullet recognized the name when he saw the signage close to it while we were stuck in a very slow moving traffic on a road we quite often passed by. This place is not heavily advertised, and if not for Silver Bullet who pointed it out, we would not have known that this place existed right in the heart of Bangkok . It literally is  a 10-15 minutes journey away from our home.

We trooped off to Gaggan one evening with 6 other friends , using 3 birthday celebrations for January mommies  and a good family friend leaving Bangkok as an excuse to spend an exorbitantly expensive amount of money on food created in the name of gastronomical pleasures. There were several menus to choose from and I decided to pick the most extensive menu in the name  of curiosity.  We were all seated on the table next to the kitchen and it was really awesome to be able to watch the staff in the kitchen preparing our food before we were served. Now, I don’t remember every single item that was served, but I do remember that every single dish served tasted awfully divine.

The first complementary drink was refreshing and the Lychee Drink I picked was absolutely gorgeous to start the evening going. This particular is my favourite – I remember that  it tasted like egg, and the moment you put it in your mouth, the ball burst into  a delicious confetti of flavor which I cannot even begin to describe.

The taste was flavourful and the sensation indescribable. And then there was this, And this, And this, And a bunch more…

The fish curry was extraordinary as well and by the time I got to the lamb towards the end of the course, I felt so full that I thought my stomach would burst. It was a really wonderful experience and I would not mind doing it again for the second time. My only gripe and dissatisfaction with the whole experience boiled down to only 1 thing I found rather distasteful: the Matre’D – while not obnoxious, did not seem friendly or forth-coming. In fact ,she was aloof, cold and has one of the most condescending-i-am-above-you-and you-do-not deserve-anything-from-this place tone I have ever experienced. My observation dictated that she eyed us in such contempt, with hardly a smile across her face.  The entire experience I had with her made me feel that we were inconveniencing her more than anything, and how dare we dine at a place where we probably should not be able to afford a meal as exquisite as that. Hence,  while the food experience was fantastic, I really do feel like Gaggan could use a better Maitre’D to serve their customers. I mean, we did pay a good amount of money and the least she could do is lower herself down a little bit by providing genuinely  sincere, excellent service to complement the food that were served. Instead, she chose to serve us a mightier-than-thou attitude. She was  a disappointment to such a renowned establishment. It was, otherwise a sweet, triple birthday celebration and a nice farewell to one of our good friends.

And one other thing: If you are looking for an authentic, traditional Indian cuisine, this might not be the place to be expecting that.

Source: A Review: Gaggan

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 10.41.16 AM

Photo Bangkok runs from July 29th to October

4th 2015

PhotoBangkok is a triennial international photography festival aiming to create alternative, sustainable platforms and new opportunities for the photographic community and creative industries in Thailand and beyond. PhotoBangkok is a collaborative project bringing together organisations, institutions, artists, curators, galleries and designers. The PhotoBangkok team has designed a comprehensive plan for this first edition consisting of a wide range of exhibitions and diverse educational programs for the general public, amateurs and professionals with more than 50 local and international artists involved.

Our goal is to utilise available resources to their full potential by sharing knowledge, exchanging cultural expression and collaborating through photography, while to establishing a foundation essential for the creative community and future generation to develop and build on.

Coming July 29th – October 4th 2015

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The Filipino Wanderer

Considering from my most recent post, this must really come as a surprise.

Before any misconception is made, I am making myself clear on all fronts.

I am against the proliferation of drugs and illegal substances but I fully support the growth of the Laos tourism industry.

The drugs and the drunk tubing may have been gone, but the town of Vang Vieng remains as gorgeous as ever with its towering karsts hills. Floating down the river sober is still encouraged and there remains a host of activities waiting for your in Vang Vieng such as spelunking down its caves, and kayaking among others.

Vang Vieng needs tourists for its restaurants, travel agencies, tour operators, hotels and hostels to remain viable and survive. The recent policy changes, have discouraged a lot of would be tourists from visiting Vientiane and Vang Vieng, but I hope that this is just a short…

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Wat Sampran Dragon Temple or Wat sampran Phutho-Phao-Wana is located at Sampran district in Nakorn Pathom province Thailand. Features of this temple is Red Building by the Dragon is surrounded the building. High outstanding, which can be seen from afar. This Building is a Buddhist monk where to stay, sphere 80 meters high as the age of the Buddha, There are 16 storey (for can to see it) as heaven 16 heavens. This building allows visitors had only 2 floor (1 floor is basement for make The documentation of the temple). The 3-17 storey are the monks where to stay are not allowed to visit, unless the special chances of the temple only. About the red color. The Chinese believe that red Color of bringing fortune.  Thai people believe The color of sacrifice and unity. European believe Symbolized by the color of love Like a rose given to lover.


Dragons is meaning represent the strong, ascendancy high very halo are resolute, courage. Antique Chinese person used as a symbol of the Emperor. Dragon is entwined a the building the Buddhist monk from 1 story to 16 storey is meaning to The circulation of the low perspective to high perspective bores by take 108 with preaching by 108 monks to the nirvana in the heaven. Green dragon scales, gold bars is a peacefulness as a shade of the trees. Fins and tail of the dragon is the compulsion,  poised to go the right direction and is a weapon for protect dangerous. Legs, fingers and nails dragon is moving towards the direction of greatness and captured, the braced, firmly without falling.


Inside temple area have Religious activities to the people to for practice Dharma. sample : a prayer, A prayer against the dragon, and the 12 zodiac. A prayer to the Lord Waitin, A coin toss in the pit Dragon. Throughout the shady walkway in the temple are a pilgrim’s footprint street model, Leads us to the important places inside the temple. Sample : walk to pass under the Elephant stomach, Couples Naga Bridge, Giant Turtle’s Buddha Hall, which is a tunnel and have Footprint model inside, when walking out, The walkway will lead us up to a hall to walk up to the fourth floor of  Vegetarian hall.


Luang Phor Phutho-Phao-Wana is a The largest Buddha Statue is located on the fourth floor of Vegetarian hall. Which the cast by brass all body. Under the Buddha statue, the pilgrims can to walking around for prayer and donate too. The chapel, located on the fourth floor as well. Inside have Buddha Statues at the smallest and Most of the world, Buddha Statues 1,250 Buddhist saint congregation in the Makha Bucha Day by not known before. There are also relics, Paintings on the walls, gorgeous colorful. Carved are shutters God’s angels.


Map of Wat Sampran Dragon Temple

Wat Sam Phran Highway 3098 Sam Phran Nakhon Pathom Thailand

We recommend have travel medical evacuation insurance

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Beyond Khao San Road

Name: Horse Racing at Royal Bangkok Sports Club

Address: The Royal Bangkok Sports Club, 1 Henri Dunant street, Prathum Wan, Bangkok. (entrance gate 3 for non-members)

Phone Number:  (66) 2652-5000


Price: 50 baht grand stand, 100 baht grand stand behind the winning post, 600 baht Club House, 1600 Baht for winning posts room which includes air con and a dress code.

Opening times: Every other Sunday from 12pm – 7pm

BTS: Siam (then a short taxi ride or walk of 1KM).  



Bangkok’s answer to Royal Ascot? Horse racing at the Royal Bangkok Sports Club…and  it may come as a surprise that betting is allowed! This prestigious sports club is usually members only and restricted to Bangkok’s high society, but every alternate Sunday its gates open to the general public to enjoy an afternoon of horse racing set against the spectacular Bangkok skyline.






Although lacking in the glamour…

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Wat Bang Jak was built in 1822, Located along the Chao Phraya River. At Klong Phra Udom in Pak-Kret district in Nonthaburi Thailand. Located just opposite the Koh-Kret Island is the tourists like to visit on holiday. “Phra Puttha Mongkol Chai” is a big Buddha statue  which 27 meters wide and 19 meters high, is located in front of Wat Jak in riverside Chao Phraya River. Foundation stone was laid on June 28, 2006 Construction was completed in 2009. Wat Bang Jak was built in 1822,  The original temple was built on a Bang Phoom canal in Bang Plub, Pak -Kret district, It is a temple of the Raman because the Raman was immigrants came in the country and to live in Pak Kret. This temple was later moved to the present.


The entrance of the temple are 3 doors , The Dragon door , The Rahu door and The Tiger door.  Inside of the temple have many the Monk Statues.


In the  temple area also has many other things, the temple was built to visitors for provide, worship and prayer, sample : Long Phor Dam Buddha Statue and The relics in chapel, Long Phor Boonyung Monk Statue was former abbot, Bodhisattva Kuan Statue hall, The three deities hall are Ganesh, Brahma and Vishnu etc….

wbj33wbj28 wbj24 wbj23wbj32

Map and where and click for larger map

Wat Bang Chak

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Khao Yum Moo Zab or Rice with fried pork salad. Thai food, Thailand.
– Fried pork (Pork Fritter), chilies powder,toasted rice powder, onion, Lemongrass, green onion, coriander,carrot, fish sauce, lemon, mixed all and eaten with vegetables or rice or sticky rice.


Chilies powder : yt18 yt17

Toasted rice powder : yt11yt12yt13yt14

Lemongrass : yt16yt15

Fish sauce : yt19 already : yt20

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