Preah Vihear: World Heritage Site declared safe for tourists at last

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Preah Vihear

Most travellers to Southeast Asia will never have heard the name Preah Vihear, so it may come as some surprise to hear that, along with Angkor Wat, the obscure northern temple is one of Cambodia’s two World Heritage Sites. Of course, for anyone who read our recent post, World Heritage Indochina, it will come as no surprise at all.

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Playing second fiddle to somewhere as grand and iconic as the temples of Angkor is never going to be easy, but there is another reason that Preah Vihear might have slipped under your radar until now – at least if you’re a Brit.

Up until the beginning of this month, Britain’s FCO (Foreign & Commonwealth Office) officially advised against travel to the Preah Vihear temple area and the Ta Krabey/Ta Moan temple area – both of which lie on the border between Cambodia and Thailand. Though a border dispute which…

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Wat Phrathat Cho Hae monastery is located at 1 Moo 11 Cho Hae road, Tambon Cho Hae, Mueang Phrae province Thailand, 9 km from the city on an area of 175 hectares. Wat Phrathat Cho Hae monastery temple is located in the hills about 28 meters high. Cho Hae Phrathat Chedi is Chiang Saen Art is an octagon, wood overlaid with gold. The pagoda of 33 meters high and square base of 11 meters width. Top of pagoda decorate with the Lanna style. A metal fence around the pagoda four directions. A door 4 door with the Lanna Style. Wat Phrathat the year who born of the Tiger is one of the 12 zodiac relics.


Cho Hae Phrathat is referring to Chedi containing the relics the left elbow and the hair relics of Lord Buddha and adorned with satin. Name of Phrathat Cho Hae some tell this names that have come from fine satin, which is woven from Xishuangbanna villagers to tie sacred the pagoda, Some said that the satin of “Khun Lua Ai-kom”. Every year about in March it is a holy day festival.

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Phra Chao Thun-Chai or Luang Phor Thun-Chai is a Buddha Gilded stucco, width of 30-inches tall and about 2 feet (80 cm. wide, 120 cm. high). built since 1922, by Thai Yai or Ngiaw peoples, Which has settled in Burma and travel for trade in Muang Phrae. The Fine Arts Department registered the phrathat Cho Hae to The historic place March 8, 1935. : from Wikipedia.


Map of Wat Phrathat Cho Hae monastery




Wat Chom Sawan is located on Yantrakit-Kosol Road in Nai-Wiang, Muang Phrae Thailand. 1 km away from the town hall is open daily from 8:00 – 16.30.

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Wat Chom Sawan is an ancient temple built by art Myanmar. Hall, chapel and parsonage is in the same building. The building is built of teak. A small and big roof from top to down, a total of 9 floors. 35 wooden pillars and gilded Myanmar alphabet inscribed around the poles, 14 another pillar gilded stained glass. And ceiling with magnificent stained glass, have Buddha Statue is in the chapel. The stairs infront two sides.

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Wat Chom Sawan was built in  a reign of King RAMA 5 on 1894 by Ngiaw peoples, Which has settled in Burma and travel for trade in Muang Phrae. When was happened Ngiaw rebels to robbed Muang Phrae. This temple was left to decay. Later it was restored by Thai-Yai peoples. On 27 August  1990, the Fine Arts Department has registered as a historic site and valuable artifacts of Thailand. Antiques in the temple are Luang Por San Buddha Statue is built using by bamboo was include weaving and the gilded. Buddha Statue made from the Ivory, The art Myanmar. The scripture made from ivory or Patimok scripture.

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Map and can click here for larger map Wat Chom Sawan

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