Peter's Big Adventure

I’m going to kick this off with a pet peeve of mine. When people talk about places they visit, I’ve almost never heard a bad review. Ever. About anywhere. It’s weird, but it’s kind of politically incorrect to say that a place sucks. But even beyond that, it’s also a downer, which nobody wants to hear. When people ask “how are you?” I have found that they rarely actually want to know. It’s just a greeting. But let’s be real here: sometimes I’m not doing so well. And not every place I visit is amazing.

Varanasi is a place that should have been amazing. It was beautiful, it was interesting, it was a place unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. But when I think back on it, I don’t think about that. I think about the endless conga line of assholes that tried to rip me off so shamelessly. I’ll…

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Preah Vihear Cambodia World heritage open court impression

Preah Vihear a Khymer World Heritage Site Cambodia

I made the trip in 2006 and went with family for 1/2 day.  Then was controlled by Thailand but the dispute has settled and now Cambodia is in charge and safe to travel there

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Ordinary 257: Bangkok to Kanchanaburi and Nam Tok by Train

RailTravel Station

Popularly known for the Death Railway, Kanchanaburi is one of the major tourist destination in Thailand with both local and foreign tourist associating it with World War 2 and beautiful sceneries. It is located around 3 hours from Bangkok, with trains departing from Thonburi Railway Station.

Thonburi Railway Station is located on the western side of the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok Noi district. The current station is located around 800m west of the original site, which is now part of the Siriraj Hospital. The station stood at the current site even before World War 2 as Bangkok Noi Railway Station. After the war, the station was moved to the river bank and was named Thonburi. In 2001, the current Thonburi was rebuilt and named Bangkok Noi. Finally in 2003, the Thonburi station by the river was closed and services were cut back to Bangkok Noi, which was renamed Thonburi in…

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Peter Goes Deeper Into The Shan State: Kakku

Peter's Big Adventure

Inle Lake was beautiful, but a bit boring. My horrible hotel room didn’t make the prospect of spending another night there any more enticing, so after weighing my options, I decided to leave a night early. But before I did, I wanted to get off the beaten path a little bit. For 40 USD, a few new friends and I hired a truck to take us deeper into the Shan State to a temple complex called Kakku.

What is the Shan State?

Before we go on I should probably explain a little bit about what the Shan State is, and why you should be interested. Burma is unique because of its mind-boggling ethnic diversity. This creates a lot of ethnic tension within the country, as evidenced by their long running civil war, which still continues to this day. The Shan State is a large territory that was home to multiple…

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