If on an adventure in Thailand a worth while trip is to a local market. 

Usual opens in the evening. Will vary in size.  I like the larger ones even though can be very crowded.   The sites aromas and sounds all a great sensory experience.   

Do you have any experience you would like to share on your adventure of life.  

Phuket Floating Market in Kathu Thailand is not actual a floating market like in Bangkok. 

It open this summer and is a unique shopping center fashioned after Asian floating markets. Plenty of shops and food stalls . Has entertainment. The afternoon I was there, the market was slow with few buyers or tourist. But lot of shops. 

Restaurants food stalls

I was disappointed with selection or choices. I did not see that many and I walked the whole market. There is a large food court at the back. Some are located next to the water.


At the entrance is a stage for live shows. 

Plenty of parking and set up for tour buses. 

I understand in the future will have a night market 10pm till midnight with comic statues

Location hours contact info

10am to 10pm

Phone 0898736952


Kathu Phuket Thailand

Discover all the seafood available around the water’s surrounding Phuket Thailand.

Rawai Seafood  is lot of fun and recommend a visit there. Plenty of restaurants and many will cook what you buy at many seafood stalls. Also many trinkets and souvenir shops. 

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Akihabara and Harajuku district are famous in Tokyo, Japan, its are a source of technology and fashion etc… Japanese and tourists must to visit on their own.  We take the train from Tokyo Station for going to Akihabara Station. We bought the one day ticket since last morning (12 March 2015), its is price includes, throughout the day until midnight in prices 750 Yen/ person.

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Akihabara is a famous district in Tokyo. Japan Has been dubbed “Akihabara electronic city” as full of shops selling electrical appliances, computer games, toys and cartoons etc.. Japanese is call the “Akiba”.  They called Akihabara because located in Taito-ku, but the current known as Akihabara, including  Akihabara Station, located in Chiyoda-ku, both of which are a Special Administrative Region in the Tokyo area.

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Harajuku Station is a railway station in Shibuya, Tokyo. Operated by East Japan Railway Company. The name of the station from the east side area of the station called “Harajuku”.

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Takeshita Street having a length of about 400 meters, filled with shops, clothes, accessories etc… Here is shopping street at the famous Tokyo. Walking into the Takeshita Street will see several dessert crepes. People have long queues all and Marion Crepes sold since 1976, is considered the most famous dessert in Harajuku. I have to try at the Angel Crepes for 580 Yen. I can’t call the name so I took the photo of it to staff see, pay money and get the queues card and waiting…so it very big !!! much cream too !!! Cosplay Dress is a symbol of this area. If you come in on the weekends to have a teenager in dress and a lot of different activities. But now it is Thursday. I don’t see who in Cosplay Dress but only this one, I ask her for take the photo and her say yes.

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Ameyoko Market is Located between Ueno station and Okachimachi Station, can 5 minutes walk from Ueno Station and 5 minutes walk from Okachimachi Station. After check in at the hotel where we were staying, We walked across the bridge to the Ameyoko market. Today 9 March 2015 is still early morning so the shops are just starting to open.

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Last time this area was sell, snacks and candy, desserts and  the Japanese call these candy store “Ameya Yokocho” is the origin of the name Ameyoko Market. Here are the various types of cosmetic bags, shoes, clothes from Japan and imported. The majority will be cheaper than the mall, some shops maybe the price down further if you asked, seafood, fruits, vegetables, dessert snacks such as takoyaki mochi cakes, chocolate, ice cream and any drinks. And the Japanese restaurant like ramen, sushi, various fish with rice. The market area has several large alley with basement, Most shops are open around 10 or 11 o’clock in the morning until the evening, and will close on Wednesday.

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This shop is the rice with fish on top is interesting. Affordable starting at 500 Yen, tea from rye berries free. The restaurant is a small area and narrow, order to the employees and paid money get a No. cue and wait staff to serve as a cue card that we received.

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Silk dessert 1,000 yen,  Made from honey Then pull a line mixed with white flour, pull to pull over till to the fuzzy line like the silk and cut for put sesame – black beans, sugar and more. he is explain to us in English and some time him saying in Thai and  I have to ask “why you can say Thai?” He say “I loves the city of Thailand, I love songs,  like Thai singer is Pee Bird Thongchai”. I notice this shop as a popular, I can see lots photos of the super star and items that had been filmed, mounted on the back of the shop.


Fruit skewers, the price on the label, strawberry 200 Yen, pineapple 100 Yen,cantaloupe (orange) 200 Yen, cantaloupe (green) 100 Yen. Banana both comb is start at over 500 Yen. or 2 result for 100 Yen.


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