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In my last article we talked about some of my favorite places to go around Hanoi for various things. But when you make the jump from traveler to expat you have a different set of needs. When people contact me with questions about moving to Hanoi, they usually ask the same things. I’m going to do my best to address all of those questions here.  So here are my official cliff notes on how to get your feet on the ground in Hanoi…

DISCLAIMER: This is not the end-all be-all of Hanoi. There are always other places you can look, and it’s possible that many of them would be good options. But if you choose to rely exclusively on my suggestions, everything will be fine. That’s a Peter Promise.

Housing & Accommodations

Where should I live?
Obviously you can live anywhere you want to (Hanoi really doesn’t have any dangerous…

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The Filipino Wanderer

Whenever I go out of the country, people always ask the same questions, how long will you stay there and where will you stay?

I often times give a vague answer, because most people are not yet familiar with the concepts of couchsurfing and hostels. I don’t want them to end up confused.

Couchsurfing has been going in the Philippines but most people, including a lot of its new members have misguided notion of what it is.

On the other hand, the concept of hostels and dormitory type accommodations is gaining popularity in the country. Granted, most of the clienteles of these dorm type hostels are mostly foreigners and experienced travelers, but the increasing number of such facilities give me satisfaction.

At least, more and more people will be able to experience the joys of hostel living.

But what is it exactly that makes hostel ling quite an awesome experience?

11014679_10152809614625735_5282974736117931231_n Buffet…

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Banana Boutique Hotel Lobby


    Banana Boutique Hotel located  George Town Penang Malaysia  near lot of small shops, few bars, and places to eat.

 I have stayed here a few times when making a visa run from Thailand.  I kinda like the place with the old chinese decor and I was not expecting much.

The service I received was always polite.  There is a large outdoor patio in front where they serve meals and a small bar.  With plenty of tables and chairs, good to watch the people traffic and relax with friends.  Food was ok and limited.  The rooms were always clean with TV and A/C.  If looking for a inexpensive place near the old part of town and not expecting to much then not a bad choice.

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Kata Beach looking south


Kata is on the west side of Phuket Island and is one of the most popular beautiful beach  with many resorts/hotels and activities

I have not come here often as it is on the west side of the island(main tourist areas).  I spent several days here with camera and checking out some of the places to eat.  Enjoyed myself and must say a very beautiful beach and even though  it was the rainy season, the water condition was perfect for swimmers.

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