En Route Myanmar Sept 2014: Inle Lake

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the journey to Inle wasnt an easy one.
we alighted from the big bus at this small little town. and changed to a pick-up van 20140909_06263920140909_065619

30mins on a bumpy ride and i arrived at another place which i later found out was Taungyi…. where i WAITED again for another pick up to take me to Inle.


  and it was here i met a kind provision shop boss who spoke pretty good english. (his wife is burmese chinese)

waited for almost an hour before the pick up truck departed… 45 mins later i arrived at yet another town.. it was too early in the morning i didnt even bother asking where i was. i was on the bus for 10 hours, then 30 mins in the van, then waited and then 45 mins on the truck. too hungry and tired!! but i later realised the other town was NyaungShwe. but…

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A Burmese Student At The Best Friend School

El-Branden Brazil

A Burmese Student At The Best Friend School
Photography by El-Branden Brazil

Located in Mae Sot, on the Thai-Burma border, The Best Friend School was established by Ashin Sopaka, a Saffron Revolution leader, to provide education to refugee and migrant worker children from Burma.

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Yangon – Part 2


Kaw Thoung Myanmar and the days of visa runs Thailand to Myanmar

Buddhist Shrine Burma Malacca Straights 16x9 Impression

Buddhist Shrine Burma Malacca Straights 16×9 Impression

I made the visa run from Ranong Thailand across the water to Kaw Thoung Myanmar several times years ago and always enjoyed the little boat ride.  There is a small buddhist shrine on a small island just before you get to the landing at Kaw Thoung.  I must have 30 photos of it. But the one above is my favorite.  You can see all my Fine Art of SE Asia and purchase if interested at

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