On the weekends I cook breakfast. 

 Mixture of Thai and American.   

My favorite dipping sauce  is Maepranom Dipping Sauce 


What is your favorite breakfast?

Today starts a new chapter in my life.  It follows the darkest thirty days of my 67 years on my journey of life.  

This morning I am on auto pilot.  Inside I am empty, hollow.  I did what I always do on Monday morning,  get my kids off to school.  

This morning will change my routine.  Having my milk tea and reflection on my life and where I go.  How to try save what is left of me.  

After listening to the birds and trying to make sence of who I am will get to cleaning the home. The home I use to love but now the grief of the one person that completed me is not here.

It is after Christmas and I still turn on my Christmas Tree lights on at night.  I think my kids like it and I do also.  

I will take down our little tree next week? But will be with sadness. 

No just kidding not our tree but this one below

The longest was several years ago in the US.  Just my son Sam and me.  It was a live tree or was when we brought it home.  Was April before I took it down.  Yes April and still had some green

For several years I cook breakfast on Sundays. I now cook here in Thailand for kids and sometimes friends an American breakfast.

Eggs, bacon, fried potatoes, and fruit. Missing is homemade buttermilk biscuits as  I don’t have an oven and I have added of course rice being in Asia. Also have added another Thai Knorr Cup Jok which is a porridge made with rice.

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I use real butter cooking my eggs 

Don’t use salt but fish sauce 

My favorite sauce  sweet spicy just a little 

Come to Thailand and maybe invite you to breakfast.

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