Interview Selly Paengkeaw

I am a fine art photographer and like most photographers or artist always looking for beauty. When I see a photo that is really amazing I admire the person that created the image or art.  Sometimes in life you run across a person that life is beautiful ( the story).  I saw My Private Chef on a FB group that I started Thai Dishes, recipes, fruits, produce, spices.   How  well done the presentation caught my eye.  I am always looking for a person that might want to join our Magazine, so research her FB page and read what she had to say and the reviews. I have never done an interview for our magazine before except for guest photographers. In life we have doors that can lead us to success, failure, happiness etc.  Sometimes it takes courage to open that door. After we open that door, do we take advantage and make the most of it? our waste it!    Selly Paengkeaw OPEN The DOORS and made the most of it. I hope I can tell her story so you too can see what she has done!   So here is the interview.

My Private Chef

Selly Paengkean  what got you interested in cooking being a Chef?

I have always loved to cook, right from an early age I would help my Mother with cooking for our extended family and neighbors, it is great to watch others enjoy the food you make.

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