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In this fourth edition of Marine Life monthly post, I am honored to include beautiful photos of Manta Rays from talented underwater photographers: Andre Philip, Boris Bialek and Chuck Gerlovich. Special thanks to Andre, Boris and Chuck for allowing me to use their amazing photos in this post. Please visit their links to see more of their beautiful photography works!

My diving certifications include a specialty of Manta Ray Diver – thanks to Scuba Schools International (SSI) and Orca Dive Center in Flores (Indonesia) for this interesting and eye opening course. My first encounter with Manta Rays was in Nusa Penida, Bali where I was at 15 meter depth and watched seven manta rays did the manta’s “circle” on the surface. It was beautiful sight. The second encounter was in Komodo, Flores where I had a chance to dive for 70 minutes with more than ten Manta…

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I was pleasantly surprised to be sitting in the exit row of our flight.  Usually, I can barely squeeze my long legs into the seats of the plane, designed for Indonesians and other petite South-East Asians, so an exit row seat means that perhaps, just maybe, my legs won’t be going numb on the flight.

One of my students, sitting across the row (but still in the exit row) turns to me and says, “Miss Michelle, do all of the other seats have this much leg room?”
“Uh, no.  This is the exit row.”
“This is the exit row.  It means that if there is an emergency, you will have to help people get off the plane. And there is extra space so that people can walk through to the doors,” I explain, pointing to the emergency door next to him. “That’s why you can’t have stuff under your seat…

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Looking for the best spots for a late-morning meal in Bali?

We selected for you 10 places where you can enjoy delicious pancakes, a variations of pastries, egg dishes or incredible French toast.

Check out our top 10 best brunch places in the island of gods, Bali:

1- Starfish Bloo at W Retreat & Spa

Starfish Bloo at W Retreat & Spa, Top 10 Brunch places in Bali Starfish Bloo at W Retreat & Spa, Top 10 Brunch places in Bali

Starfish Bloo is a stunning place where you can enjoy a Sunday Brunch. They offer extensive selections from fresh crab, fresh oysters, to Chinese food such as Siu mai, dim sum, to Japanese food like sushi/sashimi to Balinese cuisine, suckling pig to western Sunday roast, foie gras and sweet treat such as ice cream station, cakes, candies, etc. So yummy!

 Jalan Petitenget, Seminyak
+ 62 361 4738 106

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Kemaro Island, Palembang!

Tourism effect

All about Kemaro Island

Where is it ?

Kemaro Island is located in Palembang, South Sumatra. Kemaro Island, is a little on the Musi River Delta, located about 6 km from the Ampera Bridge. Kemaro island located in the industrial area, which is in between Sriwijaya Fertilizer Plant and Pertamina Plaju and Gerong River. Kemaro Island is a recreation area in the River Musi headliner In this place there is a Chinese temple (temple Hok Tjing Rio).

How to go there ?

To go to Palembang, you can take a flight to Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II International Airport, which is located on Tanjung Api-Api Street.  This airport is accessible from many countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, China, and Thailand. The distance between the airport and the Musi River is about 6 km.  You can take a taxi or rented car from the airport.

In the City Center, there are nine means…

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Calling this part of the world with just one word sounds like you can visit it in just 20 days, like a usual holyday, but that’s not.

I spent 24 days travelling through Cambodia Vietnam Laos, and then end up in Bangkok and now I feel I still have a lot to see.

However I had good times with friends.

We begun with Angkor temples,Cambodia.

They are near the city of Siam Reap, but located inside the jungle, and surronded by the sound of the wild.

Once you’re there you can’t think of a city nearby.

Not only the fact that the jungle surrounds the temples, and that they are well preserved,

but also the fact that you could find so many low-relief and other symbols makes these ruins very interesting.

Angokor Wat – A friend passing by the main entrance

Angkor Wat – Rising sun

Ta Phrom – Lush Vegetation


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