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Chinese Shrines Phuket Thailand

Chinese Folk Religion

Book will document the shrines with emphasis on beauty .

I started visiting the shrines out of curiosity and photographing them several years ago. Certainly nothing like them in the USA. Coming from the Phuket International Airport on the main highway is Tha Rue. Most of the shrines are off the tourist path. Side streets and allies.

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Chinese Shrines

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Visited a Thai family in a small village near Phimai and they took me there. What a great day. Most of my photos that day was focused on the family. I plan on making another trip here in October.  

Text from Wikipedia 

The Phimai historical park(Thai: ปราสาทหินพิมาย) protects one of the most importantKhmer temples of Thailand. It is located in the town of PhimaiNakhon Ratchasima province.

The temple marks one end of the Ancient Khmer Highwayfrom Angkor. As the enclosed area of 1020x580m is comparable with that of Angkor Wat, Phimai must have been an important city in the Khmer empire. Most buildings are from the late 11th to the late 12th century, built in the Baphuon, Bayon and Angkor Wat style. However, even though the Khmer at that time were Hindu, the temple was built as a Buddhist temple, as Buddhism in the Khorat area dated back to the 7th century. 

Want to thank Jaeb Na Ka and her family 

Chomyang Puttaburee 

Map of Phimai Historical Park Thailand 

There are several hotels in Phimai. 

We recommend Phimai Inn Hotel as that is the only one familiar with. Good food and nice pool. 

Phimai Inn Hotel

Nai Mueang, Phimai District, Nakhon Ratchasima 30110

044 481 196

Can reach Phimai by bus from Korat or Nakhon Ratchasima 

Wat Khao Rang Samakkhitham at one time had the largest Buddhist statue on Phuket Thailand.  The Big Buddha at Chalong now is larger.  But this temple is worth the visit.

Go with Jaeb Na Ka and I on our trip there.  

Located on Rang Hill in Phuket town.   Kinda hard to find but we will give you a Google map at the bottom.  

There are two areas of the Wat . The older building where the big Buddha is located on top.  If you park in the parking lot across the street.  

There is the newer area where the new temple is.  There is a large statue of Yammaraj or the Lord of darkness. 

Many carving and statues to see. Take the steps with the green NAGA  SNAKES. 



Open around 8 and closed late afternoon 

Map click here for larger map

I went with Jaeb to Wat Chalong Phuket Thailand for her to receive blessing . Asanha Bucha is one of the most important Buddhist days.  

 text from wikipedia

Asanha Bucha in ThailandThai:อาสาฬหบูชา) is a TheravadaBuddhist festival which typically takes place in July, on the full moon of the eighth lunar month. It is celebrated in CambodiaThailandSri LankaLaosMyanmar and in countries with Theravada Buddhist populations. Asalha Puja, also known as Dhamma Day, is one of Theravada Buddhism’s most important festivals, celebrating as it does the Buddha’s first sermon in which he set out to his five former associates the doctrine that had come to him following his enlightenment. This first pivotal sermon, often referred to as “setting into motion the wheel of dhamma,” is the teaching which is encapsulated for Buddhists in the four noble truths: there is suffering (dukkha); suffering is caused by craving (tanha); there is a state (nibbana) beyond suffering and craving; and finally, the way to nirvana is via the eightfold path. All the various schools and traditions of Buddhism revolve around the central doctrine of the four noble truths

The day is observed by donating offerings to temples and listening to sermons

Wat Chalong Phuket Thailand 

Wat Muang is located at Moo 6 Tambon Hua Taphan, Wiset Chai Chan, Angthong in Thailand. Take the way by Ang Thong – Suphan Buri About 8 km from the city, the  temple will be on your left. you can to see the towering Big Buddha. We went on April 13, 2558 is Songkran’s day, so a lot people came for pouring water to Luang Phor Yai for to the prosperity in the new year of Thailand.

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“Phr Puttha Maha Nawamin Tora-sakaya-muni Sri wiset Chai-chan” or “Luang Phor Yai” is a large statue of Buddha. The height from the base to the top of hair Buddha 95 meters, equivalent to a 40 storey building and a width of lap 63.05 meters. Which walk circled the Buddha Statue is take more than three minutes. Construction began on March 9, 1991 was completed on 27 July 2007. All funds used in building 104,261,089.65 THB (Thai Baht). From donations of the faithful. The total period of 16 years, for to honor to King Bhumibol on the occasion of the 85th Birthday Anniversary and The Queen Sirikit 80th Birthday Anniversary. “Phr Puttha Maha Nawamin Tora-sakaya-muni Sri viset Chai-chan” or “Luang Phor Yai” Buddha Statue is visible from a distance. This is the important Buddha of Wat Muang  and Ang Thong Province.

wm39wm22 wm44 wm42wm37wm49wm47wm48

The chapel in lotus, the pink walls, inside is the Buddha statues and a statue of the famous maestro monks. Phra Viharn Keaw Rattana Phram- Suwannapal The Glass Chapel, The ground floor is a museum of sacred objects and antiques. Open Saturday – Sunday 09:00 to 17:00 hrs. and the monk statues around the country.  Upstairs sacred is Buddha Silver Statue “Luang Phor Ngern” genuine silver livery as the biggest in Thailand. Built to commemorate the occasion of the Throne 50 years. And a glass casket that preserves the fairest of Luang Phor Kasem Archan-sako former abbot of Wat Muang who the pioneering this temple. This temple have a lot puppet and sculpture, near is shops, restaurants, fish ponds restroom. The Model of the hell, for teach anyone to be afraid committing a sin.

wm wm51 wm53wm9wm55 wm4 wm3wm13

The model the Iuthheete of King Naresuan and The Viceroy Myanmar in the war period of Thailand – Burma.


Map Wat Muang click here for larger map

Wat Muang Thailand map

by KanyaBotan.

Today we be back to Thailand so we leave from the hotel in early morning for going to Kesei Station for go to Narita International Airport later, for take off in 9 am. (13 March 2015). This shrine is near the hotel where us stay but we not go into for the worship, We must walk to Kasei Station and must pass Ueno Station, Ameyoko Market, Across the street is the Keisei Station and Ueno Park is near too. We bought Sky Liner the ticket since yesterday in 2470 Yen, before we did go to The Tokyo Imperial Palace, because today we must travel in early morning and we worry if the counter not open in the early morning.


Narita International Airport Located in Narita, Chiba, Japan, operated by Narita International Airport Limited Company. The travel from Narita to Tokyo takes about one hour by train, have two railway are Keisei Line and JR Line.


Okinawa Island or Okinawa province located on the southern of Japan. Currently a renowned resort town, The origin of  karate martial arts. A beautiful white sand beaches The blue sea and unspoiled coral. Okinawa is vacation dreams of the Japanese. The name of capital of the Okinawa province is Naha, here have been base of a US naval in World War Currently, here are still remaining.


The heart shaped cloud for welcome us to Thailand airspace. We are landing to Don Muang Airport Located is on Vibhavadee – Rangsit  Road, Don Muang Bangkok , first opened on 27 March 2457.


First Thai foods after with out the plane are Khao Pad Krapoa or stir fried pork with basil, Som Tum Khai Keam or green papaya salad with salt eggs, the shop in front the airport. And this is End Our Japan Trip.
By KanyaBotan.

Shibuya is the economic center of Tokyo, Japan.  About Shibuya is the most known is the story “The Great Hachiko Dog” or “Hachiko faithful dog”  Hachiko Statue is in front of the  Shibuya Station.


Hachiko (Nov 10,1923 – March 8, 1935) Hachiko dog is breed Akita, born in Odate Akita, Japan. it was came to stay with Hidesaburo Ueno a professor of agriculture at the University of Tokyo since the age of 2 months. In morning Hidesaburo Ueno must travel to teach at the university by the train at Shibuya Station. Hachiko  will send you to the front door and in the evening when it’s time 15.00. Hashiko will go to get its master at the train station every day.

On May 21, 1925 Prof. Ueno has Symptoms artery in the brain and died while at university. After the death of Prof. Ueno and his wife moved, she was took Hachiko give to the relatives of the professor who live far away but Hachiko still ran back to its master at the train station at 15:00. Every day. By Kikusaburo Kobayashi, a former gardener of Prof. Ueno who lives near  the train station, take care Hachiko.
On March 8, 1935 Hachiko lay dying in the place where it usually comes as a 10 years wait for a boss.

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In year 1932, the loyalty of Hachiko was published on the newspaper of Japan. Japanese people are to praise Hachiko is a great role model for the children too. Empress of Japan had to ordered to a bronze Hachiko Statue in 1934 and to set in front the Shibuya Station. And they are also made a movie “Hachi A Dog’s Story”, by Richard Gere Actor.
Shibuya is the economic center of Tokyo, is a source of entertainment, fashion clothing etc..and the highlight is the 5 separate, crosswalk with a lot of people went through. And here is the point for the tourists who want to came to Tokyo to try come here for one time.
jby11jby14jby15jby18jby20jby22 jby24 jby25 jby26
We came to Japan so must trying  to eat by original recipe, Tokoyaki  for 300 Yen, Instant Ramen for 100 Yen,  Dorayaki dessert for 100 Yen (Doremon Cartoon like to eat) and free coffee at the hotel where us stay, it is coffee powder, bag paper filter after pouring hot water.
jby27jby28jby29jby32jby30jby33 jby34 jby35

The Songkran festival is celebrated in Thailand as the traditional New Year’s Day from 13 to 15 April. It coincides with the New Year of many calendars of South and Southeast Asia. The festive occasion is in keeping with the Buddhist/Hindu solar calendar. The traditional water pouring is meant as a symbol of washing away all of their sins and the bad and is sometimes filled with fragrant herbs when celebrated in the traditional manner.

Songkran Elsewhere : Songkran is celebrated as Sangken in northeastern areas of India, as the traditional New Year’s Day by the Buddhist Community. The Sangken festival is celebrated by the people of the Khampti tribe. The festival is also celebrated by Singpho, Khamyang, Tikhaks (Tangsa) and Phakyal community of Arunachal Pradesh, and Tai Phake community of Assam. Sangken generally falls in the month of ‘Naun Ha’, the fifth month of the year of the Khampti Lunar calendar coinciding with the month of April. It is celebrated in the last days of the old year and the Lunar New Year begins on the day just after the end of the festival.

The tradition of soaking people (mostly women) with water is typical in Slovakia and the Eastern Czech Republic during the original Easter celebrations on the beginning of April.

In some villages in South India, especially Karnataka, a festival called Okhali or Okhli is celebrated where every household keeps a barrel of water mixed with chalk and turmeric and throw it on passers-by. The date of Okhali coincides with that of Songkran in Thailand and Thingyan in Myanmar and not with the dates of Holi which is a north Indian festival.

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By KanyaBotan.

After we leave from The Ferris Wheels in Yokohama Cosmo World, on the way I see this building is very striking this is Land Mark Tower.


Nippon Maru Ship, Located near Sakuragicho Station. Built in 1930 as a training ship in particular. Throughout the 54 years of the ship Nippon Maru was used. A cadet nearly 12,000 people came up to learn how to drive this ship. And has sailed the equivalent of 45.5 trips around the world, or nearly 2 million kilometers. It was retired in 1984, equivalent in Minato Mirai area infront Land Mark Tower in Yokohama. Admission free But now it is closed.


My Japanese friend take us by subway and walk till to this restaurant (I don’t know where I’m right now just only walk followed him) Inside the restaurant have Shoe Cabinet and change the shoes for walk inside, Red carpet stairs. The top layer is divided into chambers. In both sitting on the floor and sit on a chair and table. Food is set Staff lovely in kimono explain how to eat each set. The first set is the Sashimi set with side dishes such as tofu, steamed egg, sticky dough, vegetable and eaten with Wasabi.

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The second set is the hot pot. Staff explained that put everything into the pot of soup, except fish, waiting for everything to boiling so will dip the fish into the soup. And the Ice cream is dessert. She took photo for us because us are  tourists from Thailand.



By KanyaBotan.

Great Buddha of Kamakura Japan or Daibuzu Buddha is means “Big Buddha” Located at Kotoku-in Temple in Kamakura Japan. Open 08.00 – 17.00 hrs. Admission:  adults 200 Yen, for children 150 Yen. Great Buddha of Kamakura name is Amida Nyoyurai Buddha Statue built by bronze, height of 13.35 meters. The Buddha high 11-meter and weighs approximately 122 tons. Completion Year 1252

พระใหญ่ เมืองคามาคุระ หรือ พระใหญ่ ไดบุตสึ (Daibuzu) ซึ่งแปลว่า “พระพุทธองค์ใหญ่” (Great Buddha of Kamakura) ตั้งอยู่ที่ วัดโคโตกุอิน (Kotoku-in Temple)  เมืองคามาคุระ (Kamakura) ญี่ปุ่น เปิด 08.00 – 17.00 น. ค่าเข้าชมผู้ใหญ่ 200 เยน เด็ก 150 เยน พระองค์ใหญ่ ชื่อพระอมิตตาพุทธ เนียวไร (Amida Nyoyurai) สร้างด้วยสำริด ความสูง 13.35 เมตร ตัวองค์พระสูง 11 เมตร น้ำหนักประมาณ 122 ตัน สร้างเสร็จปี พ.ศ. 1795

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Tourists can visit the inside of the great Buddha, 20 Yen / person. Inside is a small stairs, narrow, dark but there is a light from the rear of the Buddha and the neon sign telling to how to create the Great Buddha. / See more :

นักท่องเที่ยวสามารถเข้าไปชมด้านในพระองค์ใหญ่ได้ ค่าเข้าชม 20 เยน / คน ภายในจะเป็นบันไดขนาดเล็ก แคบ มืด แต่มีแสงจากช่องด้านหลังขององค์พระ และ มีป้ายนีออนบอกวิธีการสร้างองค์พระ / ดูเพิ่มเติม :

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By KanyaBotan.

Hasedera Temple is located in the city of Kamakura in Kanaga Province, was the former capital of Japan for more than 141 years, Located southwest of Tokyo. Hasedera Temple is one of the most important temples in the provinces Kamakura, is the most important temples in the sect’s Jodo in Japan. Open 08:00 to 17:30 Adults 300 Yen, 100 Yen for children for a ticket. Traditionally of the Japanese temple must have a small pond for hand washing before entering the temple but today, (March 11, 2015) the temple is renovate in the main sanctuary of the temple. However, tourists continue to worship Guanyin 11 face carved from wood, covered with gold,height 9.18 meters (Do not photo).

jwh19jwh24 jwh26jwh28jwh36jwh37jwh40jwh42jwh41jwh43jwh38

The Jizo Statues is a symbol of Children’s soul who don’t have born or abortion before birth. The parents can choose a statue in the garden and decorate it with clothing and toys.


Hall of Tripitaka is Japanese garden in front. Inside is the keep the Bibles. The reels are made of wood, beautifully carved, it’s was can swivel, but can’t swivel right now. Side is Japanese bamboo garden so shady.

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We walk up the hill, walkway with stairs for see view the scenic seaside community. But the measure has held viewpoint to see Yuigahama Beach for visitors below.


Came down from the hill of temple. Walk to the left of the temple, have a Torii and a cave so can to walk to inside, the Buddha carved out of the cave walls, a small pond and walkway for to exit.


ภาษาไทย / See more :

By KanyaBotan.

Odaiba Island is Japanese created by the soil and sand reclamation to occur as the island since 1850. Rainbow Bridge, the Statue of Liberty Replica are symbolic. We left the hotel use the Ginza line subway for 200 Yen / person, in Inaricho Satation for going to Shimbachi Satation. From Shimbashi station for going to Odaiba Kaihin Koen by Yurikamome line 320 Yen apiece. Suggest a stay in the head of the train for to see the Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Bay views clearly.


At Odaiba Kaihin Koen Station just exit right door for going to Odaiba Beach. The beach is along walk way and can walk to the Statue of Liberty replica. The Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Bay.


Statue of Liberty replica and Sakura Flowers front the shopping mall. Below is a sculpture on the beach are chain and anchor.

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ภาษาไทย / See more :

By KanyaBotan.

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