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We usual try and stay on the positive side of life.  But what a bad review!

Located on Choafa Road East past the Honda dealer toward Chalong traffic circle on the left.   I have often been surprised that the best Thai Massage has been at a local Thai business.  Not a tourist place.  But this is not so here.  The girl was not trained and got up several times to answer the phone.  POOR massage



I was on my way to check out Ao Chalong Villa and Resort and saw the local business.



Heart massage Chalong 2

If you are in the Chalong area of Phuket, Thailand  a great place Is Heart Massage.  The people are very nice and offer a wide range of massages. They have a Yoga and Thai massage combined and you can have 4 hands! haha  They also have a spa!  In the evening can be busy.

The Thai Massage is very good here!  many Thai come here also!  Family operated!

Owner speaks english

lovely mature Thai woman at sunset and water

 Some of the staff   Can vary as they move often to other shops

I have not tried the yoga or 4 hand


They are on Choafa Road East between Chalong and Phuket Town. Coming from Phuket town will be on the left.

10/43 Choafa Road  Phone 0884467166, 0852519905  email

Heart massage Chalong

couple other massage shops in Chalong area is Thai Massage and Lai Thai Massage and Spa

Map and can click here for a larger map

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 3.55.07 PM


If interested can view our YouTube 4 min of Chalong area

Lai Thai


Lai Thai Massage and Spa located in Home Pro Shopping Center Chalong Phuket Thailand is a great place for a massage.

I have visited Lai Thai many times over several years and always friendly service and always very good massage.

The offer many services besides massages, Facial treatments, Body treatments, manicures, pedicures etc.    As a man I have had pedicure and manicures especially when I was still working in the middle east.  Most of my experience there has been body scrubs, oil massage, and the traditional Thai massage.

Body scrubs are what they sound like, a mixture of salt and recipes each place has.  Removes dead skin and leaves you feeling refresh.  I enjoy them even though they will cost more than just a massage,  They rub the recipe and scrub you!   Nice to have a oil massage after.

Oil massage  relax you and you can pick a variety of scents.  For me a very sensual massage.  The best oil massages I have had the masseuse also adds a little Thai massage.  Oil massage cost little more than just a Thai massage.  I dont know why because some masseuses are not that well trained and just rub oil all over.  That is not the case for Lai Thai as all the staff is well trained and selected.

Thai massage If this is your first trip to Thailand need to have a Thai massage!  But the quality can really vary.  Just because you may go to an expensive place does not mean you will get the best massage as the best I have had was at the bus station in BKK.  BUT at Lai Thai I have always had a great Thai massage. I good Thai massage may leave you a little sore as after a good work out but should be no pain in my opinion.

 If this is going to be your first Thai massage I recommend going here first as they really know what they are doing.

I have heard people complain that it hurts and recommend not having one that is because the masseuse did not know what they were doing!

At Lai Thai they offer all of them and combinations of them.

Located in Home Pro Shopping Center on the second level above Villa Market Food Store


Open Daily 10 am to 9 pm

For reservations call 080 5203653  and 081 8956833

I have never had to make a reservation unless you have a masseuse you really like then I suggest a reservation!

map of where and can click here for larger map 

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 3.29.27 PM

Can take a 4 min tour of Chalong area on YouTube



Thai Massage Chalong Circle

Thai Massage Chalong Circle

Thai Massage shop is located just south of Chalong Circle on Choafa Road Phuket Thailand

I like to review small family businesses when I can and I do it free.  My fine art is about everyday people in life.

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