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I would be so racist against Indian people by now if I hadn’t taken so many trains. In a place like India, my white skin makes me a huge target because of my perceived level of wealth. As such, most of the interactions I have with locals are about money, and the unfortunate majority of them are not positive. Traveling through this kind of environment, it’s easy to get cynical. My saving grace throughout my whole time in India was my time on the trains.

The trains are where I got to interact with some actual people; people that had no end game with me. When taking trains in India, I was nearly always crowded in with lots of people in a small space, but most of those people always spoke English, especially in the more expensive train classes. With only a negligible language barrier, I got on those trains a foreigner…

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Peter's Big Adventure

FAIR WARNING: This is not going to be a pleasant read. It’s going to be disturbing and R-rated. Now’s your chance to bail.

Mumbai’s Kamathipura is the oldest red-light district on the Indian subcontinent, and is the 2nd largest on the entire continent of Asia. The 1st largest is Calcutta, which is something that I didn’t realize when I was actually there. If I had I probably would have paid it a visit, like I’m about to do in Mumbai.

I have spent more than a year living in Southeast Asia, which is a region infamous for its sex tourism. In spite of this, aside from the occasional unsettling exchange with a “sexpat“, I didn’t have much experience with these sorts of things beyond the stories I heard from older people who had spent time in Thailand during the 1980s and 1990s. Those stories were…

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Peter's Big Adventure

I’m going to kick this off with a pet peeve of mine. When people talk about places they visit, I’ve almost never heard a bad review. Ever. About anywhere. It’s weird, but it’s kind of politically incorrect to say that a place sucks. But even beyond that, it’s also a downer, which nobody wants to hear. When people ask “how are you?” I have found that they rarely actually want to know. It’s just a greeting. But let’s be real here: sometimes I’m not doing so well. And not every place I visit is amazing.

Varanasi is a place that should have been amazing. It was beautiful, it was interesting, it was a place unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. But when I think back on it, I don’t think about that. I think about the endless conga line of assholes that tried to rip me off so shamelessly. I’ll…

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Love to write about Manali in different way..not about Geography..not about her beauty as many has seen and a witness by to take you to some other aspects as i have been experienced in my daily life and love to go through in deep story more and more.


Have no doubt ..why Manali,such a small town..her history and beauty named as a land of gods…so charming and attract so many tourists visit every year..some people visits Manali every year for 4-5 months stay …some becomes expat …settle down..earn,live,have a dog,pet,marriage with the local who is really welcome.

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Manali…I heard this word first time when I was a Master’s student in Delhi, New Delhi,India.

Manali and Mountains

Thai students looking for a place to cool down in hot Delhi summer, Manali was always a favorite place,for many boys and girls to experience snow and adventure life style. And Whenever they returned from their trip, they always talked about their funny mountain road journey and crazy bus drivers.They always took some pictures of locals ,showing unique colorful outfit “manali style” which you will not be able to see from anywhere else in the world .They also told us about history behind the design of these outfits.They also shared some stories about how they made friends with people from various countries.
Let this bond of international friendship always flourish.

Across the red bridge from New Manali to old manali...river called Manalsu River

Across the red bridge from New Manali to old manali…river called Manalsu River

And the conversation of the beautiful landscape of Manali and the wonderful Beas River always remained in some part of my head. Keeping my imagination and moving on in my life,i always looked forward to make my Manali trip come true one day.

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