A great place for family and an excellent bargain. I was there Christmas Eve with a friend and my kids.  I will do a full review this week but want to share now if you are a family on Phuket Thailand for the holidays. 

Open 7 days a week 9am to 9pm

There is a restaurant,  playground, nursery and more.  Later this week will do a full review with lot of photos.  My kids loved it.  They are 4 and 7.

Map and click here for a larger map

Their website

Phuket Floating Market in Kathu Thailand is not actual a floating market like in Bangkok. 

It open this summer and is a unique shopping center fashioned after Asian floating markets. Plenty of shops and food stalls . Has entertainment. The afternoon I was there, the market was slow with few buyers or tourist. But lot of shops. 

Restaurants food stalls

I was disappointed with selection or choices. I did not see that many and I walked the whole market. There is a large food court at the back. Some are located next to the water.


At the entrance is a stage for live shows. 

Plenty of parking and set up for tour buses. 

I understand in the future will have a night market 10pm till midnight with comic statues

Location hours contact info

10am to 10pm

Phone 0898736952


Kathu Phuket Thailand

Phuket Bird Paradise

Phuket Bird Paradise is fun place for the kids, lot of color and very friendly staff

Patty at Bird Paradise

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