Discover all the seafood available around the water’s surrounding Phuket Thailand.

Rawai Seafood  is lot of fun and recommend a visit there. Plenty of restaurants and many will cook what you buy at many seafood stalls. Also many trinkets and souvenir shops. 

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Good Thai food at low prices. I eat here often. I recommend.

Off the main road Choafa east  Chalong Thailand.  If you live in choketip villa then very convenient.


She has a simple menu but always fresh and good. She also has take out. Has beer soft drinks etc.

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On choketip villa road of Choafa east Chalong Thailand. Go west. The restaurant is on the left.


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For several years I cook breakfast on Sundays. I now cook here in Thailand for kids and sometimes friends an American breakfast.

Eggs, bacon, fried potatoes, and fruit. Missing is homemade buttermilk biscuits as  I don’t have an oven and I have added of course rice being in Asia. Also have added another Thai Knorr Cup Jok which is a porridge made with rice.

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I use real butter cooking my eggs 

Don’t use salt but fish sauce 

My favorite sauce  sweet spicy just a little 

Come to Thailand and maybe invite you to breakfast.

Ao Chalong restaurant Bar has great food and cheap prices with friendly staff. Nice atmosphere open to the outdoors. Next to Chalong Bay Harbour but just a so so view.

I have eaten here and had drinks at the bar many times and always very satisfied! Recommended!

Plenty of parking

There is a billiard table and massage room

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My meal

Sweet sour shrimp with rice  total bill with a coke 165 baht or about $4

Menu is large and above just a sample. They also have issan dishes .

Interior is colorful with aquariums


The bar 

Fun  place small but friendly staff. This is a popular place for skipper’s that use Chalong Bay to more their boats so can meet some very interesting people and often they will offer to take you out. There is also motorbike parking here. The bar stays open later than the Restaurant.

Natcha Beauty Salon

On the grounds of the restaurant across from the bar. I will do a separate review of Natcha Salon.


Chalong Phuket Thailand address is

40/1 m9 Soi Suki Choafa East

Next to the Lighthouse and on the circle road to Chalong Pier


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Ao Chalong 59 resturant And bar

Phone 0896521716

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Eat, Pray, Love & Play Bali – Part 8.


With 2 days to go before 2015 ends, our dinner at Restaurant Locavore, located along the lovely shopping cum dining stretch of Jalan Dewi Sita in the heart of Ubud, got my vote for Restaurant of the Year by the time our epic culinary journey ended.


Befitting the heritage of the founders Chefs Eelke Plasjmeijer and Ray Adriansyahthe, the high-ceiling Locavore is decked out in Scandinavian chic – with clean lines blending with rustic traditions, pleasing lime-green and grey hues complemented with stylish local recycled wood furniture, lovely flower arrangements, and artfully decorated with Indonesian ornaments.


We were seated at a long table adjacent to the bar and kitchen, with a good line of sight to the chefs busy in the compact kitchen.


It’s a joy to watch the enthusiastic young chefs at work, guided by the maestro.

DSC05686As its name implies, Locavore only…

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