Thai Coconut Milk Soup with Chicken (Tom Kha Gai)

Thai Coconut Milk Soup with Chicken

“This menu is very easy to make and the taste is similar to ‘Tom Yum’. But we add coconut milk for this menu. Coconut Milk Soup with Chicken has an intense flavor. It’s a delicious to eat with rice.

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Eat, Pray, Love & Play Bali – Part 2.


After enjoying our villa, we headed to Sarong for our first dinner in Bali.
Award-winning Sarong opened in 2008 in Seminyek, and is now one of the top tables in Bali, with reservations required weeks in advance.


Celebrity chef & author Chef Will Meyrick, after successful stints at Sydney’s well-regarded restaurants Longrain and Jimmy Liks, started Sarong to assemble and reinvent street-food around Asia; plating and serving them in an eclectic fine-dining style, yet retaining the authenticity of the dish.


The restaurant is walled within a lovely verdant Balinese garden potted with pretty lights. The breezy open-air curtained pavilion features majestic chandeliers, plush sofas, ethnic yet chic decor with elegant table settings, thronging with hip-looking professional waitstaff who would not look out of place in New York City.


Tasty crackers to start the dinner rolling


The zesty salad delivered a refreshing start…

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Ranong Green Tea with Jasmine flavor  what aroma!

ranong green jasmine tea

  Tried a new tea yesterday.   What aroma, wish someway  to share with you.


Mulberry leaf tea is a popular tea with immune-boosting antioxidants and anti-cancerous alkaloids. Distinctively flavored, this mild tea has been shown to reduce cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure.  Mulberry leaves grown from their established plantations on the foothills of North West Thailand, make for the most delicious and delicate Mulberry Green Tea. Ranong Green Tea is a product of Benefit Tea





PO Box 1694
BS49 4WJ
+44 (0)117 972 3636


Mulberry Tea

How I used it.

used 2 bags and hot water.  Without using the milk, was a little bitter.  So I used condensed sweet milk and unrefined brown cane sugar.  Stir briskly and it was very good.  Smooth!    I think drinking slowly is better for this tea.  Sipping from a cup


Have you tried it?

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I grew up in South Texas USA  which if you went into a place to eat and ordered tea, it was always sweet tea served with ice. You where never asked sweet or hot tea!

ice tea

When in Iraq working for 6 years, I worked with men from India and Pakistan and in the evening they would offer me milk tea.  That is now my favorite tea to drink and I felt honored that they shared it with me as they did not offer it to many others.

milk tea

This is the first nutritional article we have done in our ongoing series on holistic health.

some types of Tea and Drinks

Milk Tea  my favorite way to drink. can use lipton, green, or black tea

My recipe is very easy.  1. take 2 bags of tea.  2.  Pour hot water in the cup or glass and put in the tea bags and brew.  I like to use Bordon Eagle Brand Milk but any condensed milk will work or just milk.  3  add sugar for own taste.  I use brown cane sugar not refined white sugar.  Easy  sorry no video


Taiwanese Milk Tea

Green Tea

Matcha Tea

Black vs Green Tea 

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Fried Fish with Garlic


Fried fish

This is an easy delicious fish dish. Big fish marinated with garlic-pepper, then fried until golden crisp. And sprinkle with fried garlic finally.


1. 1 Fish       2.  1 Tbsp. Salt      3.  1 Cup Minced Small Clove Garlic      4. 1 Tsp. Pepper    5. 2 Liters of Palm Oil


How to cook

1. Apply salt, pepper, garlic and evenly over the fish.    Marinate for 30 minutes.    2. Heat the oil. Separate garlic that bring to marinated fish before. Fry fish until crispy on both sides. Set aside to drain.     3. Reduce heat to low, then fry garlic until crispy.     4. Plate fish on a plate, garnish with fried garlic and you’re done.

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svetlana baghawan maverickbird

2015 has been all about food for me. I have eaten my way through all the places that I have visited and the cuisine has been most diverse. So presenting, a very mouthwatering 2015, the fantastic year on my plate.

1. Khmer pepper crab –  The highlight of this dish are the famous Kampot pepper. Their sweet, sharp taste made the dish come alive and the secret had been in the precious green pearls which burst with flavour. A newly reinvented spice, Kampot pepper is the hottest trend in the culinary world.

#Cambodia Khmer pepper crabs are a must try in Cambodia.

2. Sliced baby octopus with fiery salsa sauce – My ultimate favourite had been this farm to table initiative. We had prepared this at our impromptu cooking class on our Rhine Valley picnic day and it had been the perfect exotic soul food.

#foodporn #goodfood #ommnomm This blue dished darling had been a farm…

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Eat, Pray, Love & Play In Bali Part 1.


This is the time of my annual vacation with my Mum and siblings; our choice of destination this year is Bali, a popular vacation spot made even more famous by the Eat, Pray, Love movie portraying Elizabeth Gilbert’s (played by Julia Roberts) soul-searching sojourn, part of which took place in Bali.

We rented a vacation home in the upscale Seminyak area – Villa Martine is hidden from the madding crowd of the main Seminyak shopping thoroughfare, down a narrow little lane; I’m amazed that our van could pass through it.


The villa is a lovely 5-bedroom bungalow with its own pool, furnished in open-concept Balinese style with a modern touch. It comes with outdoor showers in a few rooms and includes the services of 2 in-house domestic helpers who even cook your breakfast to order –  a gorgeous villa to spend 2 days.

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Thai Shortbread Cookies (Kanom Gleeb Lam Duan)

Thai Shortbread Cookies (Kanom Gleeb Lam Duan)

Another Thai tradition dessert that many Thai know. This menu is not too hard to make. The taste of sweet and the smell from fragrant candle are hard to break your will!


  1.  150 grams cake flour    2.  76 grams powdered sugar   3.  One pinch of salt   4.   1 teaspoon rose extract or vanilla extract Enough melted lard or mild-flavored vegetable oil or melted butter to create a smooth dough (approximately 6-7 fluid ounces)


Thai Shortbread Cookies (Kanom Gleeb Lam Duan)

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

Mix the dry ingredients together in a mixing bowl. Slowly add your fat of choice into the flour mixture and stir with a spoon until the mixture forms a ball with some dry flour on the sides of the bowl. At this point, use your hands to gently mix the dough. You want a smooth dough that is not too wet or sticky and not so dry that it cracks and crumbles when you tear off a piece and try to make a ball out of it. Once a smooth ball is achieved, cover the bowl with a tea towel and let rest 2-3 minutes.

Meanwhile prepare one large cookie sheet by lining it with a piece of parchment paper or a Silpat mat. Form the dough into one-inch balls. For each one-inch ball, make a ¼-inch ball — that’s your stamen. Cut each one-inch ball into quarters. With your index finger and thumb, pinch and shape each wedge to form clean, crisp edges. Arrange four wedges on the prepared cookie sheet, conjoining and slightly overlapping the tips of the “petal.” With the tip of your pinkie or the wide end of a chopstick, lightly press the overlapped petal tips to “glue” them together and form a well into which the “stamen” will go. Lightly press a ¼ inch-ball into the well. Repeat. You should have about 15 flowers. Be sure to leave about one inch space between them on the cookie sheet.

Bake for 20 minutes. The cookies are done even though they’re not golden browned. (You get more brown color if you use melted butter, slightly darker color if you use lard, and very pale color if you use vegetable oil.) Let the cookies cool on the cookie sheet before transferring them onto a cooling rack. Store in an airtight container.



Frei's days

After living in Ho Chi Minh City {HCMC} for almost 4 years, we have come to know of some famous and less famous places to go for dinner. Take a look at some of my most favourite places:

  • Cuc Gach Quan
    Cuc Gach Quan Restaurant
    Cuc Gach Quan is the best Vietnamese Restaurant we have ever eaten in HCMC. The food is amazing, the staff can speak good English and offer great service. Every time we went to Cuc Gach Quan (and this was quite often), we walked out having had a great evening.
    The restaurant is tucked-away on the boarder of District 1, so it’s not really on walking distance from the downtown, and it’s advised to have someone explain the exact location to the taxi driver (if you take a taxi).
    The restaurant itself is owned by a Vietnamese architect, who renovated an old villa into this beautiful restaurant with several separated…

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Stir-Fried Sweet and Sour Pork (Mu Phad Priaw Wan)

The basic Thai food which have sour and sweet taste. Just eat with steamed rice for a more delicious taste.



1. 130 grams Pork Sirloin (cut into dice)   2. 80 grams Carrots (cut into dice)    3. 1 sliced Onion    4. 2 sliced Tomatoes   5. Cucumber   6. Corn   7. Capsicums ( yellow, red, green peppers) to taste    8. 2 Tbsp. Tomato Sauce    9. 1 Tbsp. Oyster Sauce (Or whatever vegie you want to put then put it )


How to cook

1. Fry pork in 2. tbsp oil until brown and set aside. 2. Fry onions in the same pan until soft. Then follow with vegetables. 3.Add some water and boil all together until contents are ready for plating. 4. Add pork and Season with oyster sauce and tomato sauce.


Blanch vegetables in hot water before stir-fry. It will help you shorten time for stirring pork and for a great thorougher cook

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A Coffee Date in the Arabian Desert


Ghana Chalan Al Dhaheri is a well renowned historian and researcher of Arabic culture and traditions, but there is another role that she enjoys most. She is also a master storyteller and her favourite story is always told over a cup of the world’s most loved beverage – coffee! Coffee is sacred to the Arabs! No trip to the United Arab Emirates (theEmiratei Kingdom which includes the world famous cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi) will be complete without an experience of the traditional coffee ceremony of the Arabs, referred to as ‘Al-Qahwa or Gahwa’.

Mrs. Al Dhaheri tells us of the legend of Kali; the story that dates back centuries ago to the Ethiopian Highlands where the first coffee beans was discovered. Legend has it that an Ethiopian goatherd noticed his flock to be unusually lively after consuming some berries found in…

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