young Issan Girl Thailand

young Issan Girl Thailand

On my first visit to a farming village in Issan (NE Thailand)  was an adventure for me and the kids.  Most had never actual been around an american.  Are you CIA? FBI?  hahaha   This girl was the bravest but would not smile. At the end she did give me a grin.  Have been there many times since. Have seen many of them grow up.  Near Prasat Ban Prasat  Thailand 


thinking about a smile

thinking about a smile

3 Issan women with baskets looking

3 Issan women with baskets looking

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Prasat Ban Prasat 1000 year old temple Issan Thailand

1000 yr old stone slab with engraving Shiva   Thailand  Issan Vi

1000 yr old stone slab with engraving Shiva Thailand Issan Vi

I First went there in 2006 and just spent a few hours. Was amazed how old and still being used by the local people. The spires were leaning. Over the years, I have made a trip at least once a year and the spires were leaning even more.  In 2007 there was work started and my last visit 2013 lot of construction but they were standing straight. Not visited by many. I have never seen a tourist, just the village people.  It is near Uthumphon Phisai which is near Sisaket Thailand. Many of these old shrines in Issan.  I have noticed that on one Thai web site and map, it listed this shrine in the wrong location. Not even close.  GPS  MAP  When I first visited the shrines there was a statue and a stone tablet that I stopped seeing around 2009. I hope they were not stolen. There are many monks in the area but my Thai is very limited.   Issan is ofter over looked by tourist but they is rich history and culture here. The food is famous through out Thailand.

The statue and stone tablet as seen before 2009

There is a Wat that has been under construction for many years being built by locals

some more from 2006 to 2013

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