I have many friends that own small businesses in Phuket Thailand where I live most of the year.  Many of them use facebook but more on a personal level.

  Our magazine is about life here in SE Asia and is NOT a marketing Blog.   Large and medium companies have the money to hire a marketing company or pay for online marketing services like Best E-motion which is a very good company and does their job great and we recommend them!   If you are like me POOR  haha  you do the research and do it yourself.  This what my advice is about. FREE

Phuket, where many of my friends are is a tourist destination and most of their business is the tourist business, Restaurants, Bars, Massage ( not sex), Car/motorbike  rentals, etc.  I believe what is not understood is that tourist coming here will book  “online” a hotel, tour guides, and research the area they are going online thru google searches, YouTube, Facebook, google maps, and others.  If I am traveling to Phuket Thailand, after researching online thru travel blogs example is TripAdvisor etc, I book a hotel with say in Rawai which is in the southern tip of Phuket Island.  Now I need a motorbike or want to rent a car so I look online for a place in Rawai like Tip Car and Motorbike Rental.  Tourist may also ask is it legal? advice about driving in Thailand. All of this online!

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