Father’s Love Letter

I became aware involved about human trafficking when the woman I love was traffic.

Most of the NGO that help are Christian. There are Muslim also and my next post will write about them.

Many of the females are traffic in sex for a better life often to help their families or tricked.

When a mother encourage a daughter to be a prostitute how does she escape the culture. That culture is wide spread in Issan or the NE Thailand.

How can she get her freedom?

In my view and experience is God.

I ask my pastor KR at All Nations Church Phuket Thailand for some words.

Want to thank KR and Father’s Love.

He gave me the resource

Father Love

Human Trafficking AsiaHuman Trafficking Asia

And help resources

Appreciate comments or would like to share your experience.

For Freedom International updated. We do not recommend at this time.

I have lived in Thailand over 10 years and you cant miss seeing the sex trade even if you are not looking for it. Not just Phuket, but Pattaya Bangkok and rest of Thailand. Most of the girls are from Issan or North East Thailand. That is the poorest area if Thailand. The Thai culture is the daughter is responsible for taking care of her parents in old age. That today has translated to taking care of all the family. The daughter thru peer pressure culture pressure to provide money no matter the cost to herself. Brothers will have a family, home . While often the sister gives up her life. I have seen it. Holiday daughter comes home with the money while the father and brothers take the money get drunk play cards.

Human trafficking is a serious crime. Often a person trying to escape is tortured or killed.

There are many legitimate well organized NGO that can and will help.

We do not recommend this NGO.

If you need help or know someone that needs help in Thailand.

We do not suggest this NGO at this time.

We suggest A21 , Zoe international for children. Also Nightlight in Bangkok are excellent legitimate NGO.

What can be done!

For Freedom International is a organization that offers the girls a chance to break away.

About For Freedom. Text is from their web site.

About Us

About FFI

For Freedom International started with a dream to see the marginalized, vulnerable, and exploited set free from the injustice of oppression. That dream has drawn our team from around the globe to Thailand, a truly beautiful country in the throes of combatting human trafficking and sexual exploitation. FFI has begun our work in the province of Phuket, one of the largest sex tourism destinations in Southeast Asia, and we’re implementing our holistic approach outward, trusting God to bring freedom and hope to the people of Phuket, to the rest of Thailand, to Southeast Asia, and back to those living in the West.

How to help Donate

With your help freedom is possible

Immediate Needs

Whether it’s a one-time gift or you become part of our Freedom Team through monthly donations, we’ll maximize your giving where it’s needed most.

Current Campaigns

We have many interdependent projects that help us work for freedom. See which project we’re currently highlighting, and how you can be part of it!
Learn about our current campaign here.

Sponsor a Student

You can come along side of one of our vocational training participants and journey through her process of restoration.

Phone: 701.850.0868 +66 (0)95.095.4786 Email: Email Us

For Freedom International

Contact Us

Get in Touch with For Freedom International

USA: 3417 Ivy Drive, Grand Forks, ND, 58201


USA: 1.320.497.3765

Thailand: +66 (0) 95.095.4786

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Occidental men of all ages, if you are looking for a beautiful girlfriend, come to the Philippines!

Candidates for this year's Miss Philippines- Earth beauty pageant. Filipinas are the most awarded Beauty Queens of the world. Candidates for this year’s Miss Philippines- Earth beauty pageant. The Philippines already won all International beauty pageants: Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss International, and Miss Earth.

Ask any Caucasian male how his ego feels in the Philippines, the answer is unanimous :” like a God. I would never dream of attracting so many beautiful women back home. And so easily“. The rudest ones would add “country of cheap booze and cheap stunning women!”.

Does it mean that those Filipinas who work in bars and sadly well known clubs have better tastes than us Occidental women? “all they want is to get pregnant, they are a bunch of gold diggers, real bitches” is how most expat women (and rich Filipinas) will tell you. While their husbands will probably nod their head and smile at…

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Peter's Big Adventure

I’m going to kick this off with a pet peeve of mine. When people talk about places they visit, I’ve almost never heard a bad review. Ever. About anywhere. It’s weird, but it’s kind of politically incorrect to say that a place sucks. But even beyond that, it’s also a downer, which nobody wants to hear. When people ask “how are you?” I have found that they rarely actually want to know. It’s just a greeting. But let’s be real here: sometimes I’m not doing so well. And not every place I visit is amazing.

Varanasi is a place that should have been amazing. It was beautiful, it was interesting, it was a place unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. But when I think back on it, I don’t think about that. I think about the endless conga line of assholes that tried to rip me off so shamelessly. I’ll…

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(c) (c)

My kids are Jewish by their Mum and Protestant by their Dad. Mr Attila was born in a Buddhist country and his sister in a totally secular one. We worked in Muslim and Hindu places and we are currently living on a Catholic island. How could we possibly educate our children in a single religion? if there is one thing I learnt from all those years working in war affected countries, is that education is paramount to prevent violence. Teach your children how to respect each other and the people around them for who they are and to honour all religions – as each is a pathway to the One God.

schoolbookThe Philippines are a Catholic country, even though not formally anymore. But you’ll always be asked “are you a Catholic?”. My natural answer would be “why do you care? does it make any difference to you whether…

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Akihabara and Harajuku district are famous in Tokyo, Japan, its are a source of technology and fashion etc… Japanese and tourists must to visit on their own.  We take the train from Tokyo Station for going to Akihabara Station. We bought the one day ticket since last morning (12 March 2015), its is price includes, throughout the day until midnight in prices 750 Yen/ person. Akihabara is a famous district in Tokyo. Japan Has been dubbed “Akihabara electronic city” as full of shops selling electrical appliances, computer games, toys and cartoons etc.. Japanese is call the “Akiba”.   They called Akihabara because located in Taito-ku, but the current known as Akihabara, including  Akihabara Station, located in Chiyoda-ku, both of which are a Special Administrative Region in the Tokyo area.

Shibuya is the economic center of Tokyo, Japan.  About Shibuya is the most known is the story “The Great Hachiko Dog” or “Hachiko faithful dog”  Hachiko Statue is in front of the  Shibuya Station. Hachiko (Nov 10,1923 – March 8, 1935) Hachiko dog is breed Akita, born in Odate Akita, Japan. it was came to stay with Hidesaburo Ueno a professor of agriculture at the University of Tokyo since the age of 2 months. On May 21, 1925 Prof. Ueno has Symptoms artery in the brain and died while at university. After the death of Prof. Ueno and his wife moved, she was took Hachiko give to the relatives of the professor who live far away but Hachiko still ran back to its master at the train station at 15:00. Every day. By Kikusaburo Kobayashi, a former gardener of Prof. Ueno who lives near  the train station, take care Hachiko. On March 8, 1935 Hachiko lay dying in the place where it usually comes as a 10 years wait for a boss. Shibuya is the economic center of Tokyo, is a source of entertainment, fashion clothing etc..and the highlight is the 5 separate, crosswalk with a lot of people went through. And here is the point for the tourists who want to came to Tokyo to try come here for one time.

Harajuku Station is a railway station in Shibuya, Tokyo. Operated by East Japan Railway Company. The name of the station from the east side area of the station called “Harajuku”. Takeshita Street having a length of about 400 meters, filled with shops, clothes, accessories etc… Here is shopping street at the famous Tokyo.Walking into the Takeshita Street will see several dessert crepes. People have long queues all and Marion Crepes sold since 1976, is considered the most famous dessert in Harajuku. I have to try at the Angel Crepes for 580 Yen. I can’t call the name so I took the photo of it to staff see, pay money and get the queues card and waiting…so it very big !!! much cream too !!!  Read More :

Love to write about Manali in different way..not about Geography..not about her beauty as many has seen and a witness by to take you to some other aspects as i have been experienced in my daily life and love to go through in deep story more and more.


Have no doubt ..why Manali,such a small town..her history and beauty named as a land of gods…so charming and attract so many tourists visit every year..some people visits Manali every year for 4-5 months stay …some becomes expat …settle down..earn,live,have a dog,pet,marriage with the local who is really welcome.

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How to be polite in Southeast Asia

Get beneath the surface - The InsideVietnam Blog

Sustainable tourism isn’t just about carbon offsetting, conservation centres and eco-lodges. When we talk about responsible travel, we’re also talking about supporting local businesses, respecting local cultures, and promoting mutual understanding between our own culture and those we visit.

This is why it’s of the utmost importance that you familiarise yourself with the local customs of your destination country (or countries) before you travel. You don’t need to get it right all the time – but a little work goes a long way! If local people can see that you’ve made the effort to learn about their culture, they can see that you care – and will be much more likely to care about you in return.

In this blog post we’ll cover all the main etiquette dos and don’ts for Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Though customs do differ across countries and regions, there are many areas of overlap –…

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Traditional Thai Wedding Explanation

The traditions of a Thai wedding ceremony vary depending on the region the wedding is taking place in. In most cases, the Thai wedding ceremony is non-religious even though monks may be involved.
Indeed, no vow is announced but the ceremony has a strong symbolic aspect insuring a good start for the newlyweds. To insure happiness and prosperity, the date and time of the ceremony must be chosen carefully.

Long Drum Parade

The procession is a very joyful moment and is accompanied by musicians who play long traditional trombones while dancing on the way to the bride’s location. Once the parade arrives at the bride’s location, the way is generally closed by the symbolic doors.


To prove that the groom is able to take a good care of his spouse, he must pass through these symbolic gates before reaching the bride’s parents.

Traditionally, the gates are closed by a chain of gold or silver held by two young ladies who are close to the bride. During our parade we will have close friends and family members. To open each gate, the groom must give them a key in the form of money in an envelope. The gate guardians may make it even more difficult to pass through by demanding more money. A number of the gates may vary depending on one region to another, but in general there are at least two gates: the golden gate (Pratoo Thong) and the silver gate (Pratoo Ngeurn).


The Monks

Giving is something very important for the Buddhists and especially for special occasions like weddings. Inviting monks to the ceremony assures spiritual credit to the young couple thanks to the donations given to the monks. For Buddhists in Thailand, it is widely accepted that donations (of money, food…) to a local temple will assure eternal love.

Sometimes, the couple may simply go to a temple but they may also invite monks in odd number (3,5,7 or 9) to come to the wedding ceremony.

The Buddhist ceremony commences very early (generally between 05:00 and 07:00). The monks pray while a lit candle is placed above a bowl of holy water. This water will later be used by the senior monk to bless the couple and the attended guests with a small branch. After praying, the couple will offer a meal to the monks before leaving the hall to allow the monks to have their meal. No one is allowed to eat until the monks have finished their meal.

After the eating, the monks will pray again and the senior monk blesses the couple with the holy water and uses a white powder stick to make three dots on the groom’s forehead before to taking the groom’s hand to make the same dots on the bride’s forehead (“Jerm”).

Wedding 2-10

Then, the monks go back to the temple. Depending on the arrangement of the wedding, generally the groom’s parade will start afterwards.

The Water Blessing

The next step of the Thai wedding ceremony shall be proceeded either by the parents of the groom or the bride.

The newlyweds shall be sitting next to each other with the groom on the right facing either North or East. Then, the parents of the bride and groom shall then place the “Circles of Luck (Saii Monkol)”, made with white thread in a form of two circles linked by think thread, which was blessed by monks during the monk blessing ceremony earlier, on the heads of the newlyweds and flower garlands around the necks of the couple.

Saii Monkol represents that from now on the destiny of couple is bonded while their individual spirit is maintained.

Afterwards, the parents of the bride and groom shall use a shell (Sang in Thai) to pour the scented flower-garnished holy water (Rod Nam in Thai) onto the hands of the groom starting from a wrist towards the tips of his hands – and then the bride while blessing them. The guests shall then proceed to bless the wedded couple and pour the water onto their hands individually.


The education system in Thailand is vastly different from that in the western world. Students can start school from a much younger age and are usually graded through a series of multiple choice exams. Scouts is compulsory and integrated into the school day. The Thai education system divides opinion and those who can not accept it do not last long as a teacher here. Those who work with it, focus on helping their students progress and develop and don’t get caught up in the system consequently have a very enjoyable experience teaching the youth of this great country.

Preparing for Scout Camp!

Preparing for Scout Camp!

The Thai education system has been split into 3 levels since 2001. However, recently a 4th level has emerged..Nursery (Boribaan).

Level 0 – Boribaan (Nursery)

  • 2-3 years old

Level 1 – Anubaan (Kindergarten)

  • KG1 to KG3 – 3 years to 5 years old

Level 2 – Prathom (Primary)

  • P1 to P6 – 6 years to 11 years old

Level 3 – Mathayom (High School)

  • M1 to M6 – 12 years to 18 years old

Kindergarten is optional in Thailand, however all students must attend school from Level 2 – Prathom.

Students can finish school after grade 9 (M3) if they wish. If they want to continue studying and work towards going to university then they must series of government tests. (O-NET, A-NET,). Graduating from M^ is the equivalent to finishing A-Levels in the UK or SAT in the US.



Grades are given on a scale of 1-4. 1 being the lowest (but still a pass, and 4 being the highest).

Fun times!

Fun times!

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