This my neice and proud of her. Takes courage to write and publish. Have not read her book yet as just published.

The title suggest how Christians often focus on others sins and forget what Christ actual teaches which i agree and have observed.

Amazon for Ugly Christian

Will review after my copy arrives in Thailand.

James King Artist Writer Traveller

That is my description of James King not his.  He list Blogger, Writer, Traveller, and Photography. I list Artist as fine art photography is ART

James King

I had the pleasure of meeting James this year when he was in Rawai Phuket Thailand.  So not just fellow bloggers but I consider him a friend.  James and I both came to Fine Art Photography or photography that has been “photoshopped” to reflect what we see not just what the camera captures, late in life after we retired. He has written several books which at the end will give you the Links and where you can buy them .

Why do a post/article about art?  Because we show the beauty before us.  To spark your interest in coming to SE Asia, to appreciate the culture, people and nature. To inspire you!

I want to focus on his art today and share some of my favorite pieces.  I will also give you the LINKS and where to view more and purchase at the end of the article.  I do suggest if you like a piece,  go and view at James site for better viewing quality!  These are just some of my favorites that I have picked.

Jamoroki Art


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some more

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I hope I have wetted your interest in his art and you will look at more of his work and buy

Information and Contact for James King   Jamoroki

James King at where you can  read short bio

Jamoroki    james king blog   Travel PhotoArt and  social awareness    You can also see his list of books for sale here.  

Jamoroki Art  to view more and information on buying


Laem Sing Beach Just Published by jackie


Laem Sing or Singh is a small beach located on Phuket Island west coast Thailand. Located between between larger and more popular beaches of Kamala and Surin. I like it because few people go there but more for taking photos , with sunsets, boulders, waves, tropical trees. During the rainy season often the currents are strong so always be careful swimming. I prefer when taking photos the wind and clouds and late in the evening. But even during rainy season, lot of sunny days good for swimming. There are a few little places to eat on the beach. The view from the view point is beautiful but dont let the boulders fools you, still nice beach down there.

Available thru Blurb Books and Amazon Books 

soft cover printed book and hard cover  Standard Landscape 10×8 in. 25×20 cm  22 pages

PDF for any device

Ebook for iPad, iphone

Laem Sing Beach
Laem Sing Beach
Phuket Thailand
By Jackie Littletaylor
Photo book

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