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2. If you don’t know much about Cambodia’s recent history, read up.  It’s been a rough half-century for these people.

Leaving Phu Quoc, Vietnam for Phnom Penh was probably our most confusing day of travel yet.  We knew it was going to be rough going in and we had downloaded Insurgent to listen to on the way, so we thought we were prepared.  But alas, we weren’t.  We boarded a jam packed minibus to get to the ferry, which turned out to be an older one (not the nice Superdong we took over).  Our bags were put on the open top deck, too close to the spray from the fast boat in my opinion.  An hour and half later we were picked up at the ferry station in Ha Tien by a very nice minibus, large…

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Chi Phat eco-tourism site

Lorna Explores

When I was in Cambodia I was keen to experience some countryside and do some trekking so I headed out to an eco-tourism site called Chi Phat in the Koh Kong province in the heart of the Cardamom Mountains. It was a bit of a trek to get there from Phnom Penh – a five hour bus ride followed by a bumpy but exhilarating 40 minute off-road motorbike ride, backpack in tow, and finally a 2 minute “boat” ride to the other side of the river.


I’d reserved a home stay online through CBET (community based eco-tourism centre) but by complete chance, on arrival I got chatting to Tori from the Wildlife Alliance in Phnom Penh who was there with some volunteers to set-up their wildlife release tour running from the Phnom Tamao Wilidlife Rescue Centre just outside of Phnom Penh. She invited me to experience the tour as a guest…

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Cambodia to Thailand: Land Crossing

Through Arden's Eyes

Border Crossing
A very budget friendly way to get from Sihanoukville, Cambodia to Bangkok, Thailand is to book a bus for a land crossing.

You have two options: a night bus or a day bus.
The night bus is more comfortable (you actually have a double bed instead of standard bus seats) but it takes several hours longer as it takes a route north to Phnom Penh before driving to the Thai border. The day bus takes a more direct route along the coast.
Both times are the same price, about $17 per person.

We chose the day bus. We were picked up at our hotel at 7:00am and arrived in Bangkok at about 7pm.

The bus on the Cambodia side was fairly comfortable, decent seats and working air conditioning.


Halfway through the day we arrived at the Thai border. Here you have to take everything off the bus (it…

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