Ugly Christians by Nicole Littletaylor

This my neice and proud of her. Takes courage to write and publish. Have not read her book yet as just published. The title suggest how Christians often focus on others sins and forget what Christ actual teaches… Read More

Father’s Love Letter

I became aware involved about human trafficking when the woman I love was traffic. Most of the NGO that help are Christian. There are Muslim also and my next post will write about them. Many of the females… Read More

Young Issan Girl impression by jackie

Lone Tree photo of day by jackie

Promthep Cape Phuket Thailand. Very popular site in the evening. Sadly chinese tour buses can overwhelm with 18 to 20 tour busses. Still nice place to watch the sunset. Can walk to the tip but dont do it… Read More

Story Time photo of day by jackie

Beauty of teaching 

Phuket Country Home Pool review by jackie

Very nice pool, clean with food etc all there. I found out this pool has been here a long time. Kinda out of the way and can be missed. But worth the patience to find. I went early… Read More

Life as a single parent thailand by jackie

As a single parent with a 9yr and 5 yr old your lifestyle changes. I now for the time less time to explore and research. So instead on reviews and places to explore will write about my experience… Read More