Pim’s Bistro Bakery review with by Jackie 

Nice bistro and bakery located Chalong Phuket Island Thailand

Very good food priced moderate.  Indoor and outdoor seating.  Has free WiFi and tv inside.  Inside two dining areas.  Upstairs and 

Hours  everyday 8am to 9pm

Map  click here for a larger map

Visual tour 

2 Comments on “Pim’s Bistro Bakery review with by Jackie 

  1. Hey, thanks for the like on my blog page. Your site looks interesting. I’ll have to spend more time investigating it. How much of your focus is on Thailand versus Indochina? Maybe I’ll find out myself. Thanks again. Cheers.

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    • When we started out couple years ago I had up to 10 writers. So we covered lot of SE Asia. Now it is just me. I live in Thailand so for now more Thailand. I have two small kids so not as much traveling now. But thanks for checking us out.


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