I was close today: Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE)/PTSD  my journey by jackie

I woke up early as usual this morning. Walked outside thinking about ending it all.  Went into my kitchen and made my milk tea . Normal routine for me.  Walked back to my porch with my milk tea. Sat my cup on the bench.  Stared out but not seeing. Wanting to end it all.  I turned around walking back to my kitchen in a trance. I was going to end the pain.  I stopped after 10 feet.  I have never come so close. 

Not unusual for me to think about sucide.  When I talk with friends that have PTSD or i prefer to call my symptom CTE many of us think about sucide. Sadly many have ended their pain. There is no cure. You learn to live with it.  

I write about it as it helps me and hope to help others.  Talking about helps relieve the isolation we can feel.  

I had a women write me last month. Her sister has become a recluse. Will not talk to anyone even family. The sister name is Kathy.  She knew I worked with Kathy. Ask me for help.  I told her to read my articles and contact a doctor. Being alone is a dangerous place to be.  I have been alone the last 7 days.   

I am ok for now. Everyday is a struggle.  But I have survived for a long time.   But if you know someone that has   PTSD OR CTE  talk to them.   It does help. 

Being alone isolation is not good.  

I am not a doctor or trained medical person.  This is just my own experience.  

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2 Comments on “I was close today: Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE)/PTSD  my journey by jackie

  1. You Ok? Read your article and thought Id drop a lifeline. I don’t get out much but I’m always ready to bounce if you need to talk. Thought I had your number but cant find it. Here is mine 0983292071.Mike (Natcha’s)

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