Village home Issan photo of day by jackie

Home in Issan village Thailand Can see more of my fine art of SE Asia  Jackie Littletaylor Photography

Will loss of language skills lead to a breakdown in society?

“If we lose our language skills will we lose the ability to communicate with one another which will then lead to a breakdown in Society?” The wonders of modern technology In the last 20 years the internet has…

Placebook app by jackie

We don’t usual write about apps but I discovered this app when trying to be able to locate a place I photograph  I often will photograph a place, nature, business, or just a place I discovered that is… Read More

Phuket Floating Market review by jackie

Phuket Floating Market in Kathu Thailand is not actual a floating market like in Bangkok.  It open this summer and is a unique shopping center fashioned after Asian floating markets. Plenty of shops and food stalls . Has… Read More

Rambutan fruit delicious by jackie

I first tried this over 10 years ago on my second trip to Thailand. At a friend’s home and they offered it. I was nervous about picking it up because of the “spines” actual they are very soft…. Read More