Infinity Dreams Award

This came as a surprise and certainly pleased.  I want to thank Nilla of Image Earth Blog for nominating us and she is also at Nilla’s Photography  She captures life’s  beauty. 

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Rules for the Infinity Dreams Award:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back.
  • Post the award badge and rules.
  • Speak of your 7 dreams.
  • Nominate 7 other bloggers for the award

My 7 dreams?

  1.  Dreams certainly change as you get older.  As I am an “older mature” guy, I pray my God will give me a long life to get my young kids 3 and 6 a  good start in life.
  2. I dream my photography will be a legacy for my children. I try to capture the beauty of life.  Not a legacy of money but so they will know what their father saw and what was important to me.  Learning and being creative are to be admired. So after I am gone they can be proud of their family.
  3. We live in Thailand and I dream of taking my kids to America to see the beauty so they can also dream of travel. They can dream of Yellowstone, Redwoods of California. Walk among the giant trees and dream of being so small. The wonder!
  4. I dream  of my young kids knowing my family in America, the humor, laughter, picnics, and know the security of love of family.
  5. I dream the dream I first remember in my life at 6 years old.  That dream has changed, then it was sailing around the world in a sailboat,  that was  “the dream” of my life.  At my age it has changed to just sailing around Andaman Sea  haha
  6. I dream of the fresh ocean breeze in my face, rolling waves going by with my kids loving it!
  7. I dream of sharing the grandeur on the Rocky Mountains, the cool breeze, the Aspen trees leaves rustling in the wind, the campfire in the evening telling ghost stories and my kids growing up with dreams of sharing those dreams with their kids.

My Words on Dreams   I think all travelers are dreamers!  The same with photographers.  You see a photo, read a story about a place and then dream of going there.  You see a face and maybe dream of how to capture that face!  I do that all the time.

Seven nominations

This is the hard part as who is the only 7.  I admire many!  The ones I follow are dreamers, travelers.   The person/friend  Nilla that nominated me for the award would be on this list!

  1. Jamoroki   James King    Writer, traveler, and artist  and a dreamer!   I have actual had the pleasure of meeting James.   Beautiful art and well written words!
  2. CAMBODIAN BEGINNINGS  Phillip able to tell a story in one photo!
  3. SAN   A man of words  and imagination 

  4. Maverickbird A brave soul that travels and shares life many of us only dream about!  Able to show beauty of life and tells a story of we all are just the same.  Photography is what you would have seen in a National Geographic Magazine years ago before all the ads.
  5. Estelea’s Blog    she list “French Mum, humanitarian, restless explorer”   I would also say a dreamer  beautiful photos and story of life being lived.

  6. PETER’S BIG ADVENTURE  Creative story teller and good photographer   Teacher in VietNam  traveler  and tells his journey in a young and creative style.  Dreamer  I would say so.

Hardest Part was limiting it to 7 but glad it was just seven.  My family were dreamers and passed that to me.   I think life is over if you stop dreaming!

If interested in photography and love color  jackie littletaylor photography



11 Comments on “Infinity Dreams Award

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  2. I loved reading this post, so full of love and warmth 🙂 Thanks for the nomination, I really appreciate it and will definitely post next week the latest. All the very best from the Philippines and cheers to the realisation of all your dreams!

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  3. Thank you for responding to the award and your kind comments! Loved your response and reading about your dreams. Although I’ve never dreamed of sailing around the world as I wouldn’t like to sail some seas, I have done a bit of sailing. I lived on a couple of boats for 21 years of my life and certainly a very different lifestyle. 😉

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