Bale Udang, Prawny Delights Over Water


DSC05475DSC05446For our maiden dinner in Ubud, our driver recommended the under-the-radar Bale Udang. Bale means “floating pavilion” and Udang means “prawn” in Bahasa Indonesia.


No prizes for guessing that Bale Udang is a restaurant specialising in prawns served at quaint bamboo pavilions built over a large pond, almost a lake, teeming with fishes.


The main gazebo is a massive Cirque-du-Soleil-tent-like bamboo structure that’s amazingly built with just interlocking joints and no nails, or at least not that I can discern any.


The sprawling pond and surrounds are artistically lighted with bamboo lanters, with the rippling reflections creating a surreal ambience. Each bale has a bamboo tube that you can beat on with a smaller bamboo stick to summon the waitstaff. You are provided with packets of food pellets to feed the kois in the pond.

DSC05477DSC05491DSC05490DSC05484DSC05486DSC05489DSC05488DSC05479DSC05483DSC05481DSC05480DSC05482DSC05469DSC05485DSC05476DSC05494We had a very affordable feast – the barrage of dishes came in under S$100 for 5 people. The star of the…

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