Ranong Green Mulberry Tea by jackie

Ranong Green Tea with Jasmine flavor  what aroma!

ranong green jasmine tea

  Tried a new tea yesterday.   What aroma, wish someway  to share with you.


Mulberry leaf tea is a popular tea with immune-boosting antioxidants and anti-cancerous alkaloids. Distinctively flavored, this mild tea has been shown to reduce cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure.  Mulberry leaves grown from their established plantations on the foothills of North West Thailand, make for the most delicious and delicate Mulberry Green Tea. Ranong Green Tea is a product of Benefit Tea





PO Box 1694
BS49 4WJ
+44 (0)117 972 3636 info@benefittea.co.uk


Mulberry Tea

How I used it.

used 2 bags and hot water.  Without using the milk, was a little bitter.  So I used condensed sweet milk and unrefined brown cane sugar.  Stir briskly and it was very good.  Smooth!    I think drinking slowly is better for this tea.  Sipping from a cup


Have you tried it?

Can view more about Holistic Health

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