Milk Tea my drink by jackie

I grew up in South Texas USA  which if you went into a place to eat and ordered tea, it was always sweet tea served with ice. You where never asked sweet or hot tea!

ice tea

When in Iraq working for 6 years, I worked with men from India and Pakistan and in the evening they would offer me milk tea.  That is now my favorite tea to drink and I felt honored that they shared it with me as they did not offer it to many others.

milk tea

This is the first nutritional article we have done in our ongoing series on holistic health.

some types of Tea and Drinks

Milk Tea  my favorite way to drink. can use lipton, green, or black tea

My recipe is very easy.  1. take 2 bags of tea.  2.  Pour hot water in the cup or glass and put in the tea bags and brew.  I like to use Bordon Eagle Brand Milk but any condensed milk will work or just milk.  3  add sugar for own taste.  I use brown cane sugar not refined white sugar.  Easy  sorry no video


Taiwanese Milk Tea

Green Tea

Matcha Tea

Black vs Green Tea 

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