2015 on my plate


svetlana baghawan maverickbird

2015 has been all about food for me. I have eaten my way through all the places that I have visited and the cuisine has been most diverse. So presenting, a very mouthwatering 2015, the fantastic year on my plate.

1. Khmer pepper crab –  The highlight of this dish are the famous Kampot pepper. Their sweet, sharp taste made the dish come alive and the secret had been in the precious green pearls which burst with flavour. A newly reinvented spice, Kampot pepper is the hottest trend in the culinary world.

#Cambodia Khmer pepper crabs are a must try in Cambodia.

2. Sliced baby octopus with fiery salsa sauce – My ultimate favourite had been this farm to table initiative. We had prepared this at our impromptu cooking class on our Rhine Valley picnic day and it had been the perfect exotic soul food.

#foodporn #goodfood #ommnomm This blue dished darling had been a farm…

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