Travel Tuesday; Favourite restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City

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After living in Ho Chi Minh City {HCMC} for almost 4 years, we have come to know of some famous and less famous places to go for dinner. Take a look at some of my most favourite places:

  • Cuc Gach Quan
    Cuc Gach Quan Restaurant
    Cuc Gach Quan is the best Vietnamese Restaurant we have ever eaten in HCMC. The food is amazing, the staff can speak good English and offer great service. Every time we went to Cuc Gach Quan (and this was quite often), we walked out having had a great evening.
    The restaurant is tucked-away on the boarder of District 1, so it’s not really on walking distance from the downtown, and it’s advised to have someone explain the exact location to the taxi driver (if you take a taxi).
    The restaurant itself is owned by a Vietnamese architect, who renovated an old villa into this beautiful restaurant with several separated…

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