Mynn’s Top 10 Things To Do in Pulau Weh, Indonesia

She Walks the World

Pulau Weh, or Sabang as the locals call it; is an island situated off the coast of the northern tip of Sumatra island in Indonesia. It is part of the province of Aceh, and can be reached by boat or ferry from the mainland at Banda Aceh. Noted for its beautiful natural environment, most of the surrounding area around this small active volcanic island (about 150 square kilometers) has been declared a wildlife protection area.


With so many popular and well-known islands in Indonesia, Pulau Weh is often overlooked. I have never heard of this island until quite recently; when I was told about its beautiful underwater world. Most people head to the island to dive.

However, apart from its oceanic treasures,the island offers something for the non-divers too– whether it’s discovering the volcanic mountains or just chilling by the seaside resorts, there is something for anyone who wants to…

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