Christmas memories when I was a kid by jackie


Christmas for me is a time of reflection


 Christmas Christmas

Of Memories Family

There is a saying   

making memories for a lifetime

That was certainly true in my family growing up

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Santa Claus is Christmas when you are just a  kid

The most fond memories were in the 1950s.  Right after WWII, middle class in America was growing but life was simple.

I would spend hours looking at catalogs wishing and a hoping.  Od course had to be good or Santa Claus  would not stop by your home.  Westerns were the most popular movies and TV shows so toy guns were popular, so were electric trains  and for girls not much has changed dolls!  Board games also

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Foley downtown was all one day great day as they had a whole floor just toys and always a huge train set.  Also a day for telling Santa what you wanted.  While we were looking and dreaming, my mother was shopping.


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We would shop at Woolworth 5 &10   for family  My mother would give us some money each and we went shopping

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Growing up, every year my mother had us decorate the Christmas tree,  This was an all evening event.  When very young my sister Beth and I would just gaze at the nativity set and play with the pieces.


My Mother would read to us the Christmas story out of the Bible Luke 2: 1-20

I have a son in America and have wonderful memories of our Christmas together, when he was growing up and with his family. Have many memories as an adult with my sisters, brother, cousins!   I now have 2 small children here in Thailand and making memories for them I hope will be a lifetime of memories for them.  That will be a different article.   Living away from my family in America, often it seems I am the last of my immediate family( my sisters and families, son, and cousins are still living) so I spend time with my memories. A life time of them of Christmas pass.

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Merry Christmas to all! Good will toward all men!


4 Comments on “Christmas memories when I was a kid by jackie

  1. Very kind words indeed and I’m very grateful for your friendship! You never know, our paths may meet one day. I’ll be thinking of you in warm and sunny Thailand whilst I am in (freezing) Italy for Christmas. Nilla

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    • Thanks I hope your Christmas is full of love and joy. Writing a blog has it rewards but the best one is meeting people. One of the lesson in my life I have learned is never put off telling someone that you care or a person is a friend. We have not met face to face but I consider you to be a friend. Take care in your journey of life. Merry Christmas jackie

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