Peter In Kamathipura: Mumbai’s Nortorious Red-Light District

Peter's Big Adventure

FAIR WARNING: This is not going to be a pleasant read. It’s going to be disturbing and R-rated. Now’s your chance to bail.

Mumbai’s Kamathipura is the oldest red-light district on the Indian subcontinent, and is the 2nd largest on the entire continent of Asia. The 1st largest is Calcutta, which is something that I didn’t realize when I was actually there. If I had I probably would have paid it a visit, like I’m about to do in Mumbai.

I have spent more than a year living in Southeast Asia, which is a region infamous for its sex tourism. In spite of this, aside from the occasional unsettling exchange with a “sexpat“, I didn’t have much experience with these sorts of things beyond the stories I heard from older people who had spent time in Thailand during the 1980s and 1990s. Those stories were…

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