The dark side of paradise


#maldives #maldivestourism #maldivesonabudgetI had incurred some unnecessary expenses due to my foolish decisions and confusions as a first timer in Maldives. Add to that laidback islander attitude of Maldivians and you will understand why the archipelago burns holes in traveler’s pockets. Maldivians are notorious for not answering their phones and it is useless to call them post dinner. They sometimes don’t respond to emails on time and on my 2nd day in Male, I had a panic situation on my hands. There had been just a few hours left before my Alif Dhaalu, the airport island of my Maldivian home stay in Fenfushi and I had been eagerly waiting to get out of Male. However, in the last moment, I had received an email from Fenfushi Inn stating that they would not be able to offer the requested speedboat transfer and wanted to confirm if I had still wanted to stay with…

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