The Chonburi Buffalo Race October 26th 2015 by jackie

Chonburi Buffalo Race (งานประเพณีวิ่งควาย) In Ban Bueng and Nong Yai districts.

The animals are dressed outrageously or with creatively by owners. Assembled in the courtyard in front of the town hall, the buffaloes partake in racing, or take part in physical fitness and fashion contests. The Chonburi Buffalo Race festival started more than 100 years ago.[7] Usually, the races will be complemented with booths selling locally made items, stage performances, games and beauty contests.[8] The annual Buffalo Race, held around the 11th lunar month, normally in October. It takes seven days and takes place on the field in front of the city and provincial government offices. The highlight of the festival is the buffalo race which is on the last two days. This race is 100 meters– long. The prize for the first nose past the finish line is a trophy and some money.[9]  Text from wikipedia

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 4.32.12 PM 

Map of Chon Buri 

ChonBuri stadium Buffalo races

ChonBuri stadium Buffalo races

Water Buffalo Racing in Chonburi, Thailand—RodMcNeil.TV

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