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Two weeks ago we announced that we were bringing Paradise cuisine to the capital. We took a closer look at Home Restaurant, a superb Hanoi Vietnamese restaurant offering traditional cuisine with contemporary flair. Set in a gorgeous colonial villa away from the hustle of the Old Quarter, Home provides a welcome break from central city life and is undoubtedly one of the best restaurants in Hanoi in terms of food, design, and atmosphere.

Today we focus on Viet Deli, sister restaurant to Home but with a very different concept. Where Home Restaurant focuses on classic Vietnamese cuisine with a contemporary touch, Viet Deli keeps things traditional. The specialty dishes, all of which are cooked using tried and tested traditional techniques, include a rich roast duck braised with mushrooms and a shrimp and pomelo salad that bursts with flavor.

ParadiseVietnam_Slow roasted duck with mushroom sauce Viet Deli Specialty – Slow roasted duck with mushroom…

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