More Diving in Malaysia’s Pulau Tenggol

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My second time back in Tenggol Island for another round of diving. There were many sites I missed the first time round– so I decided to head back to explore some more! You can read about the island and how to get to it in my previous post:- Scuba Diving in Malaysia’s Pulau Tenggol. I was with a smaller group for this trip, and some of the dives were lead by the resident Dive Master and Instructor from the Tenggol Island Beach Resort Dive Center.

More Diving in Malaysia's Pulau TenggolMore Diving in Malaysia's Pulau TenggolTenggol Island
I was visiting in September, and it can be considered the tail end of the dive season on the East Coast of Malaysia. By the time the fourth quarter of the year kicks in; the monsoon season begins and most of the resorts will close. During my visit, I was surprised to find that the secluded Tenggol Island had quite…

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