Laos – Travelling up north, to Nong Khiaw

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Our IAT tour leader, Tara, took a trip around northern Laos recently and brought back some great photos with her! Below is her post from the region – enjoy!


Not too many travellers make it up to Nong Khiaw and get to see the stunning mountainous landscapes of the north of Laos. But they should!

Nong Khiaw region provides some amazing hiking experiences as well as leisurely walks along the terraced rice paddy fields.

Cruising along the Nam Ou river will reward you with breathtaking scenery and warm-hearted encounters with friendly villagers.


About one hour upstream from Nong Khiaw, you will find the sleepy town of Muang Ngoi. It’s a place where daily routine revolves around community life, chickens and cows are an ubiquitous part of streetlife and kids play with whatever they can find.

                                                                   -Find that chicken 😉
And friendly foreigners are welcomed to participate in local life.
We recently met three British girls, spending part of their…

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One Comment on “Laos – Travelling up north, to Nong Khiaw

  1. Travelled there August 2014 and loved it so much, stayed there for almost a week. Gorgeous part of Laos and after 2 months of travel there, Nong Khiaw is still one of my favourites in this spectacular country. I first travelled in Laos in 1989, wow, so many changes!


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