My One Day Food Trail In Penang

She Walks the World

The island of Penang, located in the north of Peninsular Malaysia on its west coast, is known as the food haven of Malaysia. Penang cuisine is the result of the multicultural society of the country; and the variety of food can be found all over the island– at roadside cafes, hawkers stalls, food courts and local mamaks (coffee shops). Even for locals, one of the must-do things on a visit to Penang is to eat.

My One Day Food Trail in Penang - www.shewalkstheworld.comI recently made a weekend visit to Georgetown, the historical center of Penang, and spent the day looking for the best eats in the area. Some were recommendations from local Penang friends, and some were suggested by people I met in the city. As I only had one day, I could only taste the surface of all the fantastic food available on the island– but at the end of the day, my appetite was satiated…

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