Parkinsonism Pugilistica / CTE my experience/journey part 2 by jackie

This is only my experience and journey and not a medical article although I will give resources that I find. This is the second article and will continue as I go. To read the beginning go here 

I am not a doctor or trained in the medical field or an expert. This is only my journey and if you think you have need medical advice suggest going to a doctor or medical facility!

There can be many many causes of Parkinson Pugilistica or  Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy

 besides military. 

Initial injury

The main cause of CTE is repetitive head trauma. Football players have been the focus of most CTE studies. However, athletes participating in other sports, including soccer, ice hockey, rugby, boxing, wrestling, basketball, field hockey, cheerleading, volleyball and lacrosse, may experience repeated head impacts and also have high rates of concussion.

Blast injuries to military personnel also can result in CTE.

However, not all athletes and not everyone who experiences repeated concussions, including military personnel, go on to develop CTE.

What you need to know about Parkinsonism Pugilistica: The Punch Drunk Syndrome

Part 2 will be about my progression and what caused my Parkinson /CTE


What caused my parkinson


or road side bomb  for me multiple ieds


My brain injuries were military related but can be other causes example boxing or a child that is shaken when a baby.

Before and After

example of progression “punch drunk”  American Heavy Weight Boxer Muhammad Ali

My progression and symptoms

Updated Sept 15.2015    When researching this I used the tremors in my hands as the main symptom.  I have others but the easiest to understand are the tremors and to narrow the search, what came up was Parkinson Pugilistica.  Many of my symptoms are describe with Parkinson but not all!  Also doing more research I have found other symptoms or illness Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and I have not used PTSD but that would also be seen in research.  I think a person that has had brain injury from concussions could get confused about what to call what they have, so maybe not able to ask for help or talk about with friends and family.  In my opinion, its all of them!  The pain, cramps in my legs, pain in my feet could not be described with Parkinson.  

Hand tremors

Not bad and most never notice as I can still hide it but I see more pronounced shaking

Unsteady gate or walking

I have always been sure footed (even when drunk hahaha)   I noticed when I was walking on the beach and the beach had a slight incline, by foot on the higher incline I stumbled each step until I raised my foot, I had to think about this not automatic and I am sure looked silly from afar. Also vertigo.

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

cramping, or stiffness of affected muscles mostly in my legs (no cause is known for ALS. Possible associations for which evidence is inconclusive include head trauma, military service)

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy

  • Irritability,  Vision and focusing problem, Impulsive behavior




yes and I have not experienced this before as often


Yes, As I want to be honest on my journey.  I love my children and they are young and need me which keeps me alive.



Next article will be on what can be done to slow down the progression on the illness.

can learn more about Chronic traumatic encephalopathy


welcome comments and questions


7 Comments on “Parkinsonism Pugilistica / CTE my experience/journey part 2 by jackie

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  3. Hi Jackie, my heart hurts for you! I will pray for you everyday, and ask the great physician to heal your whole body. I feel like I’m really close to you, and I know its our spirits. I feel your sweetness, and your love for children and life. I know you love the Lord, and he loves you dearly. Please answer me back. I’m so sorry I haven’t been on Facebook for quite awhile, and I’ve missed your beautiful pictures and talent. God Bless You, your sister in Christ, Dorothy… ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dorothy Thanks, I am OK most of the symptoms in early stages. I love to do research so I enjoy learning about what is going on. I am not afraid or worried as you never know about tomorrow. My God has always been with me even in some of the crazy places. My blog is really about SE Asia and life here but this gives me a place to write about it and maybe help someone else that has had brain injuries. Phuket Thailand is having heavy rains today and the power went down so no internet till late tonight. Thanks for the prayers. jackie


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