Box Jelly Fish Stings by jackie

Box Jelly Fish Stings we are not doctors but bring to you reliable information from sources and give you the link of the source.  Please refer to a medical professional if ill or have questions. From Wikipedia, the… Read More

Social Media how it helps Small Business by jackie

I have many friends that own small businesses in Phuket Thailand where I live most of the year.  Many of them use facebook but more on a personal level.   Our magazine is about life here in SE… Read More

Core Values that Guide Life SE Asia Magazine by jackie

I think as we grow, important for us and our followers/readers know what guide us. It is a short and simple list but important to us. Honesty We believe in helping others and value friendship more than profit… Read More

George Town Festival 01 August 2015 – 31 August 2015 by jackie

George Town Festival 01 August 2015 – 31 August 2015 George Town Festival 2015 George Town Festival 2015 Programme Booklet. George Town Festival is an annual, month-long celebration of arts, culture, heritage and community. Inaugurated in 2010… Read More